IME Translation Services that are Accurate & Efficient

Your time is limited. Your workload’s demanding. Researching qualified IME translators doesn’t have to be a burden.

Let Day Translations lighten the load. We specialize in translating medical documents and can handle your IME reports with ease. Fast, accurate, and 100% HIPAA-compliant, our IME translations keep doctors and patients communicating with confidence. Even the smallest error can place patient health at risk. So, when every word matters, make sure your translations are in safe hands.

IME Translation Services that are Accurate & Efficient

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What Day Translations Can Do For You

What Day Translations Can Do For You

Our passion for languages goes beyond words. And our ability to streamline your workflow goes beyond efficiency. We’re here to take the strain out of managing your IMEs, leaving you time to focus on your core business. By combining medically trained translators with technology, we guarantee accurate, localized IME translations anda fast turnaround in any language.

Utilize our IME translation services and:

  • Reduce Your Workload
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Keep Down Costs
  • Achieve Compliance

In Addition to Independent Medical Examination Translations, We Offer:

What to Expect From our IME Translation Services

Because we take pride in our work and know that you do too, you can expect every Day Translations IME translation to be:

  • Professionally delivered on physician’s letterhead
  • Addressed to any addressee requested
  • A comprehensive translation of the physician’s conclusions
  • A full diagnosis and translation of the alleged injuries or lack thereof
  • Accepted by every international institution

What’s more, our extensive training in the medical field, and our experience preparing and translating IME reports, means that every IME will include:

  • A translated version of the patient’s statement
  • A detailed review and translation of every medical and legal document provided
  • A perjury statement and translation
  • The physician’s signature
  • The translator’s certified signature
What to Expect From our IME Translation Services
Only The Best IME Physicians

Only The Best IME Physicians

We believe in professionalism above all, and work with experienced, board certified IME physicians, whose credentials have been cross-referenced with the State Board of Education.

The medical experts we collaborate with possess:

  • Subspecialties within their expertise – We will assign the right subject matter expert to your reports.
  • Prestigious affiliations – Respected industry names will sign off on your documents.
  • Experience as chief residents – They can work on any type of IME, case, or diagnosis.
  • Leading industry article accreditation – To add weight and authority to your IMEs.

Teamed With The Highest Quality Translators

No matter how well you speak a language, it’s impossible to translate something you don’t understand.

All our medical translators are trained and experienced to handle highly specialized, time-sensitive projects in over 100 languages, 100% true to source, guaranteed. Health has no room for errors. So, our IME translations are meticulously proofread and checked according to our rigorous standards of quality. When it comes to delivering accurate healthcare translations, trust the experts. Trust us with all of your independent medical examination translations.

Teamed With The Highest Quality Translators