Khmer Translation Services

If you plan on expanding your business to Cambodia, or are looking for legal or medical Khmer translation services, you’ve come to the right place.

Among many things, we are a Khmer translation company, and we’re here to help you globalize your brand.

Khmer Translation Services

Khmer Translation Services and Interpretation for Business

We want to help your business transactions run smoothly.

So if you have clients or suppliers based in Cambodia, we can adapt your manuals and user guides with an English to Khmer translation, or any documents or audio-visual materials with a Khmer to English translation.

If you need an impartial interpreter for your business meetings, we can arrange for an in-person Khmer interpreting professional with as little as a 24-hour notice. And if you need a Khmer localization expert for your product, a Khmer translator for legal documents, or any other Khmer language professional for your campaigns and business papers, we’ve got you covered.

Khmer Translation Services and Interpretation for Business

Khmer Translation Services

If your law firm handles immigration applications from Khmer speakers, or you need medically trained Khmer translators and interpreters for your hospital or clinic, you can count on us.


Localization Services in Khmer

If you need to localize your website, mobile app, or marketing message to Khmer speaking customers, we can help. From Cambodia to parts of Thailand and Vietnam, your brand will resonate at a local level.


Khmer Interpretation Services

As a member of the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), our qualified staff not only speaks Khmer fluently, but understands the legal terminology involved.

French to English sample

French to English sample

Italian to english sample

German to English Police Clearance Certificate

A Khmer Translation Company for Expanding Your Brand

With a pro-business attitude that has seen rapid economic progress in the last decade, a large textile and tourism industry, and an allowance for 100 percent foreign-owned companies, Cambodia’s open market system could be the perfect place to expand your brand.

Whether you’re in the agricultural supply chain or in the entertainment industry, you’ll need professional Khmer translation services to properly adapt to your new customers and stakeholders. And if you have a digital product – a website, software or app, you need to go further and consider Khmer localization services.

A Khmer Translation Company for Expanding Your Brand

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“Day Translations has always done a professional translation. They always meet the requested timeline. It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Day Translations.”

Cambodian Subtitling Company for Audio and Video

If your H.R. video series needs to be updated for your new Phnom Penh branch, if your marketing team needs a conference transcript that was given by a Khmer native speaker, or if the promotional ad your Cambodian partner sent you needs to be adapted to your current market and needs Khmer subtitling services, we’ve got you covered.

Our professional Khmer subtitling experts can provide you with:

  • Khmer audio and video transcriptions
  • English to Khmer subtitling, Khmer to English subtitling or any other combination of languages
  • On-screen text localization, a practice that can only be done by a professional and experienced Khmer subtitling agency

All our Subtitling Services

Cambodian Subtitling Company for Audio and Video

Native Khmer Speakers for Every Industry

From your marketing plan to your medical records, if you need Khmer translation services, we’ve got the professional team for you.

From any language to Khmer, and from Khmer to any language, we have the professional translators, interpreters, and localization experts you need.

Whatever your situation, our native speakers are not only experts in the Khmer language, but are fully trained in your area of specialization as well. With global presence and 24/7 services, we’re on hand day or night to help meet any deadline.

  • Khmer to English translations, French to Khmer translations, and any Khmer combination of languages
  • Native Khmer interpreters and translators
  • Flawless Khmer translation services for any industry
  • Cambodian subtitling services
Native Khmer Speakers for Every Industry

Khmer Translation Services for Legal and Medical

If your hospital or clinic needs Khmer speaking interpreters, we offer round-the-clock over-the-phone interpreting assistance, and can help explain a diagnosis to a Cambodian patient who doesn’t speak English.

And if your immigration office or law firm handles immigration applications or asylum appeals from Khmer speakers and you need USCIS-approved Khmer to English certified translations, then you’ve come to the right place. We promise:

  • Guaranteed USCIS acceptance and FDA compliance
  • Perfect translations of legal and medical documents
  • Trained Khmer interpreters for any legal or medical situation/li>
  • Certified Khmer translations and affidavits

All our Translation Services

Khmer Translation Services for Legal and Medical

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