Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy


1. Upon client request, Day Translations, Inc. will provide hard copies of the translation(s) to be sent via mail within one working day. Hard copies will only be sent upon client approval of the completed translation(s) through the link provided to the client by email.


2. Depending on your mailing preference, the following charges apply:


– US Express Mailing (1 day): $40.00 USD
US Standard Mailing (2-3 days): $30.00 USD
Canada Mailing (1-3 days): $45.00 USD
International Mailing (3-5 days): $60.00 USD
Office Pickup: $14.99 USD


3. Once the documents are mailed to the client, the client shall be provided with a tracking number from Day Translations, Inc., for easy tracking of documents during the mailing process.


4. Day Translations, Inc. shall not be responsible of any modifications or edits conducted to the documents after being approved by the client through our dedicated link.


Contact Information


If you have any queries or complaints, please contact us in writing or via e-mail at the address below :


Day Translations, Inc.
415 Madison Avenue 14th floor
New York, NY 10017, US