EUO Interpreting Services

EUO Interpreting Services

Ensure That All Events are Accurately Recorded

Avoiding misinterpretations in your examinations under oath (EUOs) should be just as important as avoiding fraudulent claims.

Because your company’s credibility is on the line and there’s often a lot of money at stake, we provide 100% accurate, professional interpreting for all of your EUO needs. Ensure that every claimant clearly understands their rights and implications, and that all events are accurately recorded by using our over the phone or in-person EUO interpreters today.

Ensure That All Events are Accurately Recorded

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Are you in need of regular, on-demand phone interpreting services?

If so, Day Interpreting is the solution for you. We interpret for hospitals,
law firms, call centers, police departments, and more.


Are you in need of on-demand, real-time phone interpreting services?
What Happens During an EUO with an Interpreter?

What Happens During an EUO with an Interpreter?

Your time is limited, your workload’s demanding, and getting your EUOs correctly translated and filed can seem like a daunting task. But your time constraints don’t have to affect the level of professionalism and accuracy of your EUOs.

We provide you with fully trained interpreters who can respond quickly to your needs through our 24/7 over the phone service. Our interpreters reduce your risk of liability due to their fluency in your target language and knowledge of legal terminology.

We handle all types of EUO interpreting in over 100 languages, and ensure that all required legal terminology and jargon is correctly interpreted and understood. Our qualified interpreters not only speak your native language, but also understand the high level of complexity and ethics involved in examinations under oath. Our EUO interpreters promise you:

  • Legal expertise and language fluency
  • Flawless interpreting for all your EUOs
  • Accurate interpretation with no omitting or distorting
  • Over the phone or in-person interpreting

In Addition to EUO Interpreting Services, We Offer:

Who can Benefit from EUO Interpreters

As a member of the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), we are dedicated to implementing the highest professional standards in legal interpreting and translation.

We are bound by the code of ethics and professional responsibilities that NAJIT promotes. Plus, we understand that even the smallest error can place your claim or the client’s claim at risk. We provide accurate, reliable EUO interpretation services to:

  • Insurance companies
  • Individual claimants
  • Law firms
  • Businesses
Who can Benefit from EUO Interpreters