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We provide academic evaluations for international and transfer students. Do you dream of studying or working in the United States? Are you looking to kick-start your international career in one of the world’s most highly acclaimed institutions? If that sounds like you, then you’ll need a certified academic evaluation and translation of your high school or college transcript that complies with the American University System’s standards. All of our documents are internationally accepted and we even provide the certification absolutely FREE.


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Study or Work in the United States

What is a Certified Academic Evaluation

What is a Certified Academic Evaluation?

A certified academic evaluation compares your home country university transcripts with the equivalent degree in the United States. All US education institutions and certain employers will ask for this, so it’s essential that you choose an ATA certified Translation Company for the job.


Our certified academic evaluations include a report that compares each course from your foreign transcript to the US version and are accepted by the American University System and USCIS:

  • Member of ATA
  • American University System Approved
  • Certified Academic Evaluation Experts
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • Fluent in All Languages
  • USCIS Accepted
  • Certification FREE

How Does The Academic Evaluation Process Work?

Because studying or moving abroad is stressful enough, our academic evaluation process is easy. We combine human powered translations with technology to deliver 100% accuracy and some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. And did we mention that we provide the certification FREE of charge? All you pay for is the mail.


  1. You submit your transcript through our simple online form
  2. We translate, proofread and edit your document
  3. We compare and evaluate your foreign education with any US or international institution
  4. We certify your academic transcript free of charge
  5. You receive your document correctly formatted for a US or international university or high school

What is a Certified Academic Evaluation

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