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Are you looking for accurate translations with fast turnaround in Dublin? We provide quality translations for business, medical, legal, and certified translations for all official procedures. If you’re seeking a reliable and trustworthy translation agency to handle ongoing projects, you can count on us.


As one of Europe’s technical hubs, Dublin is home to many important IT businesses, and our expert translators and interpreters are experienced in technical terminology management and complex subject matters. You can be sure that all your translations in Dublin are in safe hands.


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Interpreters in Dublin, Available in Any Language

If you need an interpreter in Dublin for medical, legal, or personal reasons; we can provide you with a bilingual or multilingual professional any time, day or night. If your need is urgent, we can connect you to an over-the-phone interpreter in a few minutes, or schedule an in-person interpreter to come to your Dublin offices with as little as 24 hours’ notice, depending on the language you require. Day Translations provides experienced legal interpreters forimmigration interviews, courtroom proceedings, medical appointments and more. All of our professional representatives have extensive experience in legal and medical terminology management in Ireland and are ready to handle any project.

For the translation of documents, use any of the following ways to contact us:

1. Website Form

Our online form is the fastest and easiest way to submit your documents. We’ll send you a quote within 10 minutes.

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You can email your scanned documents to

3. Fax

Fax your documents toll free to: 1-800-856-2759

4. Mail or Courier

You can mail or courier you documents to our New York office at the following address:

Day Translations. Inc, 415 Madison Avenue, 15th floor, New York, NY 10017.

Localisation Services in Dublin

Do you have a mobile app, film, software, or product that’s a big success in Dublin? Are you looking to launch it into other markets in Europe or further afield? Then you’ll need the help of a skilled localisation expert who can not only translate your texts and content into multiple languages, but who can prepare your source code and localise your product to users in different regional markets. We can help you increase international adoption and worldwide success of your product by localising it today.

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