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Day Translations’ language professionals can be found all around the world, and Washington D.C. is not an exception. As the capital city of the United States, Washington, D.C. is the very center of government life. The three branches of government are based here, making certified and legal translation an everyday necessity. Washington, D.C. hosts a total number of 176 embassies and is the heart of diplomacy within the United States. Day Translations offers language experts who are ready to work efficiently and with professionalism to cater for all legal translation needs in Washington, D.C.. All of our translators are certified and can work with more than 100 languages to cater for foreign politicians and government officials. If you need a legal translation to be carried out by the best certified translators in the market, just fill in our online form.

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Professional Medical Translation Services in Washington D.C.

There are over 16 medical centers and hospitals in the District of Columbia, turning Washington D.C. into a national healthcare center. There are also three universities within the city which offer medical degrees and are associated with teaching hospitals. At Day Translations we offer medical translation services for all Washington patients and for any individual who travels from other parts of the country to receive medical attention here. We also translate medicine research papers and articles from and into any language you need, so that all doctors and researchers in Washington D.C. can share their knowledge with the world and keep up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs and discoveries. If you need a medical translation in Washington D.C., get in contact with us for more information or fill in the online form for a quote free or charge.

Why Day Translations is one of the best in the translation industry?

At Day Translations we are dedicated to offering our clients professionalism and an excellent customer service throughout each and every one of our business dealings. We are proud of our accurate and prompt translation service that enables us to deliver all translations before your deadline every time, no matter how complex or big the translation project is. Professional certified foreign language translators, with vast experience in the translation field, are in charge of our documents to translate. Besides, all translated documents have our 100% guarantee for life and our customer service is ready to assist you long after your translation project is over.

About Washington DC
  • Capital of the United States.
  • The population is approximately 572,000 in Washington, DC proper and 5.4 million for the entire metro area.
  • In the city are the headquarters for the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization of American States, the Inter-American Development Bank, and other national and international institutions, including labor unions and professional associations.
  • A center of American history and culture, Washington is a popular destination for tourists, the site of numerous national landmarks and monuments, the world’s largest museum complex (the Smithsonian Institution), galleries, universities, cathedrals, performing arts centers and institutions, and native music scenes.
  • The Washington Metropolitan Area is the eighth-largest in the United States with more than five million residents, and the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area has a population exceeding eight million.
  • D.C’s Univision and Telefutura stations (owned by Entravision) switched call letters on January 1, 2006; meaning that now Univision is the only Spanish station which can be seen at full power over the whole Washington metropolitan area. The Univision network moved from low-powered Channel 47/WMDO to full-powered Channel 14/WFDC; Univision’s youth-oriented TeleFutura network moved from 14 to 47.
  • A 2007 report found that about one-third of Washington residents are functionally illiterate, compared to a national rate of about one in five.[45] This is attributed in part to the 170,000 Hispanic, Ethiopian, and Eritrean immigrants, many of whom are not proficient in English.
  • The Greater Washington metropolitan area, including contiguous areas of Maryland and Virginia, had an estimated population of 5.8 million in 2003, according to the estimates of the Greater Washington Initiative.
  • Washington DC’s primary industry after the federal government is tourism. Other important industries include trade associations, as Washington, DC is home to more associations than any other US city; law; higher education; medicine/medical research; government-related research and publishing. The Washington, DC metropolitan area is also world headquarters for corporations such as US Airways, Marriott, Amtrak, Gannett News, Mobil Oil, MCI Telecommunications and the International Monetary Fund.

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