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Do you need financial translations fast? Are you looking for a reliable translation agency who can handle multiple ongoing translations for your law firm, business, or medical practice? Day Translations has an exceptionally talented team of translators and interpreters in Charlotte.


As an accredited member of the American Translators Association (ATA), we work alongside many reputable clients in the North Carolina State to deliver fast, accurate, human translations around the clock.


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Professional Interpreters Available Around-the-Clock

Do you do business with foreign clients, prepare conferences and meetings internationally, or buy and sell overseas? Day Translations can provide you with round-the-clock professional interpreting assistance for all your needs in Charlotte. Our qualified multilingual over-the-phone interpreters can help you out in any language at the touch of a button. We’re trained and ready to interpret for any situation, including medical, legal and immigration. We can also arrange for an in-person interpreter to be at your Charlotte location ready for business with as little as 24 hours’ notice, depending on the language, or languages you require. We’re always professional, reliable and an accredited member of the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT).

For the translation of documents, use any of the following ways to contact us:

1. Website Form

Our online form is the fastest and easiest way to submit your documents. We’ll send you a quote within 10 minutes.

2. Email

You can email your scanned documents to

3. Fax

Fax your documents toll free to: 1-800-856-2759

4. Mail or Courier

You can mail or courier you documents to our Washington DC office at the following address:

Day Translations. Inc, Washington DC
1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20004.

We Provide Expert Localization Services as Well

If you need your product or service localized to international markets, we can help. With more and more competition in an increasingly globalized world, localization of your mobile app, website, videogame and marketing message is key to unlocking potentially vast international markets. With extensive experience in localization and linguistic testing, we team up the very best native-speaking linguists in your target market, with highly skilled developers and coders to ensure that your product or service looks and sounds 100% localized and just as targeted to your customers in Northern Ireland as in North Carolina.

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