Video Game Localization Services

Video Game Localization Services

Games Translation and Localization Services

The gaming industry is growing considerably fast.

Technological progress is increasing the possibility of game development as an art form. As a result, video games are gaining technical and narrative complexity. Plus, products that used to be targeted to audiences of a specific age range or niche are now mainstream and widely consumed.

For a video game and its collateral material to reach an international customer base, it must be translated and localized.

It’s important to maintain the tone of a game’s narration in order to present the story and the challenges within it as faithfully as possible. But, it’s also necessary to recognize and replace cultural references, idioms, and other details that won’t make sense across cultures when directly translated.

Your hand selected localization team will assure that your game translates in a way that doesn’t distract, confuse, or worse, offend your target audience. They will meticulously localize your game to maintain its core while impacting your new audience.

Games Translation and Localization Services
What Is Video Game Localization

What Is Video Game Localization?

When you want to take your product to a new country, simple video game translation is just part of the process.

Video game localization refers to any changes necessary for a game to be launched in a new region, with new legal requirements, manual and hardware stipulations, and cultural sensitivities.

The components that may need adaptation are:

  • Manuals and ReadMe files
  • Logos, packaging, game boxes, and design
  • Dialogue/Voice over
  • Game text and subtitles
  • User interface and UX design (for local and international consoles)
  • Game and company website
  • Advertising
  • Artistic design

We offer all these services, performed by professional game translators and localization experts.

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How Long Does It Take To Localize A Game?

Our localization specialists run your game through a thorough process to adapt it for your new market. This includes:

  • Source analysis
    Identify all items/entities that require adaptation plus the degree of adaptation based on the target market demographics.
  • Game testing
    Become familiar with written concepts and design assets.
  • Localization
    Implement game voice overs, game subtitling and game translations.
  • Manufacturing
    Adapt packaging and design, hardware, and game boxes.
  • Application
    Development and implementation of changes.
  • Quality Assurance Phase
    Rigorous quality assurance testing to confirm everything is in working order.

This process can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months. It ensures that the video game is 100% clear and ready for its new audience.

How Long Does It Take To Localize A Game?
Professional Game Translation and Localization Services in 100+ Languages

Professional Game Translation and Localization Services in 100+ Languages

Our tech-savvy, international translators will test your product and create a localized duplicate with two priorities in mind:

  • Remaining faithful to your vision
  • Ensuring that all subtleties within the game translate in a way that maintains that vision for gamers in your new target market

We translate and localize:

  • Interfaces
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Marketing materials
  • Game scripts
  • Graphics
  • Manuals
  • Voice overs