Movie Localization and Movie Translation Services

Movie Localization and Movie Translation Services

More Than Movie Translation Services

Have you ever wondered why some movies are international successes while others are only popular in one country? Why some films become epic blockbusters and others go straight to video?

Of course, it helps to have the million dollar budget, marketing, and a star-studded cast, but even with all of those strings to your bow, if your movie isn’t professionally translated and localized for your target audience, your message will get lost in translation. And your film won’t receive the international acclaim it deserves. Localization from Day Translations rolls out the red carpet for your film, and your film’s success.


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Film Localization Services with an International Team

If you want your movies to go intercontinental, partner with us to ensure maximum success.

We will translate and localize your film script taking into account regional vocabulary, slang, humor and cultural nuances. By using professional native-speaking translators from your targeted region, we ensure that the storyline will not only be understood, but will resonate with the right people in the right places. Beyond language localization, our expert team can advise you on the appropriateness of cultural references, jokes, imagery, nudity and profanity to ensure that you meet legal requirements as well.

In Addition to Movie Localization Services, We Offer:

Subtitles That Resonate With Your Audience

A badly subtitled movie can mean the difference between global success and failure.
Make sure that your subtitles correctly portray your characters’ words and feelings. Inaccurate, sloppy, and even completely misleading subtitle translations are abundant in the film industry. Because translations can’t be done word by word and films need to be localized to include local references and tastes, we make sure that your subtitles are not only grammatically correct but that they actually transmit your intended message and make the audience laugh and cry for the right reasons.


Voice-Over Services for Movies

When it comes to movie localization, selecting the right voice is imperative.
Not only do you need a native speaker with impeccable acting skills; you need the right person for the role in question. We hand-pick the perfect talent for your movie’s characters through selective, extensive voice casting. No more losing the passion, purpose, context, or tone of your wording in mediocre translation or clumsy casting. Through extensive voice auditioning and the strictest submission standards, we play a pivotal role in the international success of your movie on every level, from transcription and translation to subtitling and voiceover.