Other Transcription Services

We transcribe audio and audio-visual
files of any length or language

Other Files of Any Subject or Length

Other Files of Any Subject or Length

Do you have an interview, video, or audio transcription that needs to be professionally transcribed? Are you in the medical industry and require regular transcriptions on an ongoing basis for doctor/patient consults or IMEs? Or perhaps you specialize in immigration appeals, asylum seekers, or other courtroom proceedings? As a trusted member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and recognized A+ by the BBB, you can trust us with your confidential information and transcription projects of any size and subject.

Other Files of Any Subject or Length

We can transcribe and translate all types of audio and audio-visual files for your clients, employees, legal or medical proceedings, and any other purpose. Whatever your material’s subject, length, or language, we can accurately and quickly transcribe any oral recording into its written version. We have extensive experience in terminology management and our highly trained global team can handle any subject matter, including legal, medical and subtitles for movies. Available around the clock, we’re always on hand to receive your request:

  • Medical Transcriptions – Fully compliant with FDA regulations and with 100% CMC accuracy guaranteed.
  • Legal Transcriptions – USCIS approved legal translations and transcriptions for immigration and court proceedings.
  • Media Transcriptions – Interviews, podcasts, documentaries, movies, songs, speeches, and more.
  • Academic Transcriptions – We can transcribe lectures and presentations on any subject in any language.
  • Business Transcriptions – For all your meetings, phone calls, interviews, and more, you can count on us.

All Forms of Transcription

Easy Upload, Quick Delivery

Easy Upload, Quick Delivery

For convenience and speed, we provide ample space for your file uploads, or you can send your MP3s and MP4s by email. If your Internet speed is slow and you prefer to send hard copies, such as CDs and DVDs, by mail, no problem; simply let us know in the “project details” section of our simple online form and we will help you get started. We know that your projects come in all shapes and sizes and we accept files in all formats, however you choose to send them.

Available 24/7 for All Your Urgent Requests

Day Translations is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 365 days a year. We’re always available to handle your audio transcriptions, anytime day or night. Whatever your project needs, language requirements, or subject material, we’ll find the right transcriber or team or transcribers for you and help you meet any deadline.

Available 24/7 for All Your Urgent Requests

We Provide All Types Of Transcription Services


Do you have video footage or audio-visual files that you want professionally transcribed?


If you need audio files accurately transcribed and translated for any purpose, we can help.


If you want your interviews professionally transcribed, error-free and word-for-word, count on us.


Medical, legal, business, and more; we can transcribe all your meetings, phone calls, and examinations.

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