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Transcription Services that are fast and accurate, guaranteed. Trust your transcriptions with experts readily available to meet your unique needs. Do you have a tight production deadline? Our professional transcribers will have your audio or audio-visual files transcribed by your proposed deadline. As an industry leading global translation and interpreting services company, we provide transcriptions for any file length and language 24/7, no matter your location. Get your free online quote or give us a call for an estimate today.

Transcription Services of Any File Length and for Any Language

Production costs can add up fast, and you simply can’t afford to wait for your transcriptions. If you need professional transcription services that are fast and accurate, we can help. Our expert transcriptionists are available 24/7 to transcribe any file length and in any language. With an easy file upload system, you can upload your files in any format and with ample space.


Our experienced global team of multi-lingual transcriptionists can convert your audio or audio-visual recordings to text for an unlimited variety of projects, including presentations, doctor/patient notes, interviews and dictations, conference presentations, and YouTube videos. We’re available for transcription services around the clock and will always do our level best to help you meet any deadline.

Transcription Services

Professional Transcriptions

Professional Transcription Services

Our professional transcriptionists have a highly trained ear and can understand what is being said in the recording, regardless of background noise, file quality, industry jargon, or regional accents.

Terminology Management

Transcriber Terminology Management

We have extensive experience in terminology management and our highly trained global team of transcribers can handle any subject matter, including medical and legal, to transcribe any oral recording accurately.

Accurate & Complete

Accurate & Complete Transcriptions

With the best transcriptionists in the industry, we can decipher even the hardest of phrases and we’ll never return an audio or audio-visual document with sections missing. Our customer support and professional project managers ensure all transcriptions are 100 percent complete and accurate.

We Provide All Types Of Transcription Services


Do you have video footage or audio-visual files that you want professionally transcribed?


If you need audio files accurately transcribed and translated for any purpose, we can help.


If you want your interviews professionally transcribed, error-free and word-for-word, count on us.


Medical, legal, business, and more; we can transcribe all your meetings, phone calls, and examinations.

Any Transcription Project Subject, Length, or Language

If you need audio files or audio-visual files professionally transcribed and translated for employees, clients, legal proceedings, or any other purpose, we can help. Whatever your material’s subject, length, or language, we can accurately and quickly transcribe any oral recording into its written version. We have extensive experience in terminology management and our highly trained global team can handle any subject matter, including legal and medical.

Our Transcription Services Include:

  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Doctor/Patient Notes
  • Scientific Findings
  • Dictations
  • Interviews
  • Legal proceedings
  • Medical Transcriptions

Why You Need a Professional Transcriptionist

Not just anyone can be a professional transcriptionist. Transcribers need to have a trained ear to understand exactly what the speaker is saying, regardless of background noise, recording quality, industry jargon, or regional accents. Our experienced professionals combine a perfect command of the language (or languages), with the ability to decipher difficult messages and the strongest of accents to create a flawless transcription for all your video and audio files. Not only will you reduce costs and avoid errors but you’ll receive complete documents with no sections missing quickly and accurately.


  • Avoid Errors – Our trained video transcribers can decipher even the hardest of phrases.
  • Get Complete Transcriptions – We’ll never return a document with sections missing. If we ever have any doubts, we’ll always check with you first.
  • Save Time – By working around the clock, we can get your video transcripts back to you quickly and accurately.

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