Professional Localization Services

At Day Translations, get Localization Services for your website, mobile app, video game or software. It is vital to your marketing strategy to localize your brand message in a way that speaks to the heart of your target audience. Don’t let your translation services impede your global success. Day Translations will localize your content, allowing you to navigate the global marketplace with ease. Get your free localization service quote in 10 minutes or less.

Localization Services

What are Localization Services?

Localization refers to the process of taking a product – typically a website or digital platform – and adapting it completely to a new region for the consumption of its local community.

Localization captures cultural nuances. It takes into consideration regional humor, ironies, and customs, along with legal and linguistic demands.

Localization services for websites, apps, videogames, and other digital platforms should be provided by a professional translation company. To accurately adapt to the legal, cultural, and formatting needs of a new region, the language professionals in charge must be properly trained and certified.

Localization and Translation Services

Do you have a global business? Are you competing within international markets with multiple languages and platforms?

If the answer is yes, then localization of your website, mobile app, videogame or software should be a vital component of your marketing strategy. It’s essential to not deliver an averagely-translated marketing message that your prospects merely understand; you want to speak to them in their own language and create a message that truly resonates with them.

Localization and translation services complement one another and ensure your brand message hits its mark. Localization optimizes your content by using precise, targeted keywords that will improve your search engine ranking and conversion rate. Trust your global growth and success with one of the most reputable translation and localization companies in the industry, Day Translations.

Localization and Translation Services

Localization vs Translation

While translation focuses on meticulous accuracy in communicating a message, the priority of localization is to effectively adapt a message to meet both the linguistic and cultural needs of a region.

Incorporating the requirements of a normal translation, localization adjusts these elements so the translation appeals to the culture receiving the message:

  • Legal Requirements
  • Expressions
  • Culture Specific Offensive Phrases
  • Slang
  • Idioms
  • Formatting
Localization vs Translation

Localization, Internationalization and Globalization

Localization is the process of adapting a website or platform to meet the requirements of a specific locale. Internationalization is the implementation of specific design and development practices that will make the localization adaptation much easier.

Both localization and internationalization result in complete globalization of a product or business. Globalization means to market and exchange goods with audiences all over the world. A multilingual audience is inevitably multicultural. Each culture requires a specific set of standards, normatives, formats, and communication skills to successfully engage with a product or company. Both localization and internationalization are necessary to ensure this happens.

Localization, Internationalization and Globalization

Providing Localization & Translation Services for All Industries

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to improve your search engine ranking and capitalize on your marketing efforts. Your site will be optimized through use of research targeted keywords and search terms.

Linguistic Testing

Linguistic Testing

Our local linguistic experts provide quality assurance testing and verification of the context, verbiage and language suitability of your localized website or software user interface.

Formatting & Design

Formatting & Design

To maximize your product’s appeal internationally, we take care of regional formatting and design to increase user acceptance. This includes date, currencies, measurements, colors and icons.



We ensure that your source content is multiple language-ready and that your software code is written to allow you to create versions of your product in other languages easily with lower cost.

When to Use Localization

Localization should be used to emerge any major project into a new location.

Localization is a thorough process that takes into account accurate language translations in addition to cultural barriers, national legislations, and distinct requirements of the region or locale. Because of its intricacy, the localization process is extremely beneficial for projects such as:

  • Multimedia (Audio, Graphic, & Video Components)
  • Marketing Collateral l10n
  • Website l10n
  • E-books & I-books
  • E-learning Platforms
  • Software UI
  • Web Proxy (Multilingual Web Solutions)
  • Quick Ref Guides
  • Mobile App Localization
  • User Manuals
  • Software Localization
  • End User Licensing Agreements
  • Video Games Localization
  • Corporate Communications for Global Offices
When to Use Localization

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