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A personalized program for every step of the learning process

According to a study carried out by the Canadian Government, “In the public service, the objective is no longer to train individuals without any second-language skills so that they can become fully bilingual public servants. Therefore, language training ought to be geared more towards supporting employees who wish to upgrade their skills to a reasonable level and who show an interest in language learning.”

We will assess the workers’ pre-existing skills and, considering their desired qualifications and their positions’ needs, create optimal learning plans.
We have worked with public servants in all stages of the learning process. We have helped some workers compose their first sentences in a foreign language, and we have designed refreshment and enhancement courses for fluent speaks, in order to ensure long-term learning and knowledge retention.

Interpreting Demand And Solutions

High-quality services by mother-tongue instructors

As technology advances, new language learning tools are made available. On the other hand, political and social changes cause the demand of governments for language training services to mutate. Our instructors have decades of expertise providing personalized language training to government agents and are constantly expanding their body of knowledge, to benefit from new technologies and have socio-cultural changes into account when designing courses.

We offer services in more than 100 languages, and all of our instructors teach their mother-tongue.

Translation Services For The Department Of Defense

Cross-cultural training

Cross-cultural training can greatly benefit those who work in government offices located in linguistically and culturally diverse areas, as well as military personnel engaged in humanitarian work, diplomacy, or security operations.

Military/Defense Interpreting

Assistance and Counselling Services

Our professionals are also qualified to assist in the development of language training tools and programs.

Transcription of Government Recordings

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