Government Language Services

At Day Translations, we also provide language services for the Government. We are experts in various government matters, including translation, interpreting, immigration, information technology, and localization services. We are ready and qualified to meet any demand with the strictest security and requirements at the forefront. From North America to the Middle East, our language experts are
available 24/7.

We are officially registered as a United States government contractor. Our official DUNS # is 943549167. Our official CAGE # is 7Q416. For more details, please contact us by calling or emailing or you can hit the translate button, now.

DUNS Number: 943549167 CAGE Code: 7Q416 Registered with
Government Language Services

Government Translation Services

Diplomacy, defense, education, commerce and social services all hinge on the precision of information.

Our translators provide high-quality, accurate translations to federal, state and local government offices. We understand the importance of security when it comes to handling government information and respect the highest standards of confidentiality. We have the capability to translate highly sensitive documents in almost all dialects and languages. Our professional document translation services are the absolute best in the industry. Tested at home and abroad, our government translation services lead the way.

Government Translation Services

Government Interpreting Services

Day Translations is proud to be a foreign language support service to the Department of Defense stateside and in theater.

Our translators and interpreters are stationed everywhere in the world and available within 24 hours of request. We know how important time sensitivity is, and we facilitate that demand to the highest standard.

Our interpreting services are also available to state and local law enforcement agencies for translation and interpretation in any language. We not only ensure your message is accurately interpreted, but also culturally accurate as well. Whether in Washington D.C., Dubai, or New Delhi, Day Translations has you covered.

Government Interpreting Services

Government Immigration Services

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is one of many government agencies that require certified translation services.

All relevant foreign documents not written in English must be translated and certified. We provide certified and notarized translations of documents for the USCIS with guaranteed acceptance.

We are the foremost experts in certified translations and know the requirements needed. Priding ourselves on 100 percent human translations, we leave no room for error, because we never let a computer program handle your immigration document translation services.

Government Immigration Services

Government Information Technology Services

Day Translations provides foreign language analytics to ensure large volumes of information in other languages can be captured, reviewed and translated.

Aside from developing an individual analytics index for each language, our foreign language experts will identify the right stop words, regional terms and slang in the captured data sets. Our information technology translators and interpreters are experts in language, and professionally developed leaders in technology.

We are Leaders in Certified Translation Services

Government Localization Services

Website localization goes beyond basic translation, as it considers several other factors that influence website users, including imagery, design and style.

We can help you improve your website’s UX by providing locally relevant and valuable content that resonates with your target audience. Our localization services improve cultural accuracy for embassy sites, local government resources, and software distributed in multiple languages on a large scale. Never settle for less than perfection for your localization services, because your vital message may get lost, or even worse, misunderstood.

Government Localization Services

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