Government Interpretation Services

Interpreting Demand and Solutions

We’re specialized in the complexities of government meetings and conferences.
We also understand the wide array of businesses conducted by the government, ranging from public diplomacy and law enforcement, to transportation, technology, and science. We select trained interpreters for language fluency and experience in serving government agencies.

We offer the following government interpreting services:

  • On-Site In-Person Interpreting
  • Over the Phone Interpreting
  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
Interpreting Demand and Solutions

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Are you in need of regular,
on-demand phone interpreting services?

If so, Day Interpreting is the solution for you. We interpret for hospitals,
law firms, call centers, police departments, and more.


Are you in need of on-demand, real-time phone interpreting services?
Escort Interpreting

Escort Interpreting

Everything a foreign client or colleague says will be interpreted into your language.
An escort interpreter acts as a cultural aide. We offer escort interpreters for government officials and other personnel who need to travel and meet foreign counterparts in less formal surroundings.

Some of our Government Interpretation Services are:

  • Negotiation Interpreting
  • Chuchotage or Whispered Interpreting
  • Diplomatic/Conference Interpreting

Military/Defense Interpreting

We provide first-class interpreting services for military cultural support. Our professional interpreters offer language assistance at security checkpoints during natural disaster relief operations, in any language and any part of the world. We have experienced interpreters who are native speakers of more than 100 languages.

Our interpreters are well trained and up to date on local issues. They gather information, read newspapers, watch local news, and listen to radio reports to stay abreast of developments around the country and the world. They are willing and able to provide assistance to the military to facilitate communication and understanding.

Military/Defense Interpreting
Transcription of Government Recordings

Transcription of Government Recordings

Transcription converts recorded spoken language into a written form. Many government agencies and branches of law enforcement use transcriptions to maintain justice and accurate communication.

We provide verbatim transcriptions of interviews, meetings, and any form of recorded material. We also transcribe electronic, digital, and analog recording formats.

Whatever your government transcription needs, we’ve got you covered. We can transcribe anything you need, including:

  • Confessions and Statements
  • Interrogations and Interviews
  • Phone Conversations

Military Interpreting

Fully staffed and fully equipped to provide the highest level of professional interpreting services for all branches of the government.

Our experienced interpreters are all native to the foreign culture. They have extensive knowledge of local culture, customs, and traditions. Plus they have subject matter expertise and in-depth knowledge of issues concerning governments.

Military Interpreting

In Addition to Government Interpretation Services, We Offer: