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Day Translations is a global translation company that specializes on the translation of all document types, including certified translation services, medical translation services, and legal translation services. We also provide certified translation services for purposes such as immigration and education. As a valued client, you can use email or your mobile handset to send us your documents for translation. Are you still unsure? Please feel welcome to read what our satisfied clients say about us

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Day Translations provides accurate human translation services and guarantees accuracy, speed, privacy, worldwide coverage, and comprehensive skills — and always according to deadline. For affidavits and apostilles, business manuals and magazines, or anything else at all, make sure that you send us the details of what you need, because at Day Translations, your satisfaction is always delivered!

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Legal Translation

Day Translations offers professional legal translation services. We can provide the legal translation of many types of documents from patents, court documents, certified documents, affidavits, and legal document translations suitable for court, immigration, litigation, and other purposes. We are open 24/7, so please feel free to send us your documents for legal translation and we can translate any language in the world. We guarantee 100% accuracy on all translations. We are available right now!


Certified Translation

United States, Canada and United Kingdom are just few of the countries that require certified translations. We are qualified language experts in providing high quality certified translations for all foreign language documents. We provide certified document translations for companies, organizations, courts of law, and individuals, among others, in addition to apostilles and affidavits. Our language experts always verify translations with a signature, an official seal, and a certification stamp.


Interpreting Services

Our team of interpreters consists of native speakers in more than 100 languages specializing in various fields like legal and court, medical, military, immigration, asylum, and business. We have the best certified interpreters with the skills, knowledge, and abilities, available to assist you in any city of the world and in any language you might need. We adapt our personal interpretation and over-the-phone interpretation services to any special requirements and with Day Translations, interpreting quality and efficiency are assured.


Medical Translation

Day Translations is a medical translation service provider. We specialize in medical translation services for hospitals, clinics, HMOs, insurance companies, and much more. In hospitals and health care systems, some patients may not speak the same language as their medical providers. We aim to alleviate doctor-patient communication by providing accurate translation of procedures and medical results. If you need a medical translation, our team of professional medical translators is standing by 24 hours a day to serve your needs.







Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Define and identify the goals and needs of the client and begin the translation process.



Proofread translated document and ensure it is free of error, formatted to look identical to the original.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Apply quality best practices and make certain all translation opportunities are addressed.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Deliver final document to the client, provide the necessary support and assistance with our lifetime guarantee.

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