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Our legal translation and immigration services are certified, licensed, and insured. These are important aspects to take into consideration for certified translation services are required for all federal documents. Our translation insurance is available by request. For a free quote, include your details and your documents, and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no need to worry when you work with Day Translations Inc., your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Legal Translation Services

Day Translations offers professional legal translation services. We can provide the legal translation for any documents.. Our legal translation services are suitable for court, immigration services, litigation, and much more. Our certified translation services are perfect for any situation in any court in any country. We are available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to send us your documents. We guarantee 100% accuracy on all translations and will beat your deadline.

Certified Translation Services

Every one of our certified translations is perfect for every language. Our services include the certified document translations for businesses, organizations, courts of law, and the individual. If you need legal services or immigration services, you need to have a certified translation. Every translation is adorned with an official seal, our expert translator’s signature, and a certification stamp. Because of this, our certified translations are accepted worldwide.

Language Interpreting Services

Our interpreters consist solely of native speakers from more than 100 languages. We are prepared for every situation. We have provided our services for court cases, medical evaluations, immigration services, legal translations, and business meetings. All of our interpreters are certified, and can be found in any city of the world.With Day Translations, superior interpretation services are guaranteed.

Medical Translation Services

We provide the finest medical translation service in the business. We specialize in medical translation services for hospitals, clinics, HMOs, insurance companies, and more. It is common for patients, especially persons who require immigration services,to be unable of speaking the same language as their doctor. We alleviate the doctor-patient confusion by providing accurate medical translations and interpretations of procedures and medical results.





World Class Practices

Analysis of Information

Analysis of Information

Define and identify the goals and needs of the client and begin the translation process.



Proofread translated document and ensure that it is free of error and formatted to look identical to the original.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Apply the strictest standards for excellence and make certain that nothing in the document can be improved.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Deliver the final document to the client in the shortest time possible with our lifetime guarantee.

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