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Closed Captioning & Subtitling Services to Further Your Media’s Reach

It takes an experienced, highly-trained translator to convey your media’s original message and cultural references in another language. Many countries share the same language, but accents, cultures, and vocabulary can vary greatly. Failure to keep regional differences in mind can confuse, distract, or even offend your audience. A translated movie will sound like a translated movie and translated subtitles will read like translated subtitles.

If you’re aiming for worldwide success, your subtitles need to be translated and localized for your target audiences. We provide localized subtitling that makes your audience forget that your script was originally written in another language.


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In Addition to Subtitling Services, We Offer:


Subtitling Services for Business and Entertainment

If you’re looking for an efficient and versatile subtitling company, you’re in the right place. We provide closed captioning and subtitling services for all sorts of footage, including:

  • Short and full-length films
  • Documentaries
  • Company videos
  • Video lessons for e-learning platforms
  • Tutorials
  • Public service announcements

Our flawless performance has helped us garner prestigious clients in all continents and industries. Before you join them, here are some things you should know…

When to Choose Each Service

Closed Captioning Services
  • Closed captions include dialogue along with audio cues (background noise, soundtrack, etc.)
  • Closed captioning services make your media accessible to the deaf, and able to be enjoyed with no audio.
  • We’d recommend closed captioning if:
    • Your media will play on muted screens (in stores or public offices)
    • You want to make your media more enjoyable for the hard of hearing
Subtitling Services
  • Subtitles dictate only the spoken language (dialogue, narration, etc.)
  • Subtitles aren’t enough for a viewer who can’t access the audio to understand absolutely everything.
  • We’d recommend subtitling if:
    • You want your media to compete as an entertainment product in foreign markets
    • Your viewers are split between people who speak the media’s origin language and people who speak the subtitles’ language

We’d recommend both if:

Your media will be online, for both foreign audiences and audiences that might start viewing it without activating their audio. (Video with both captions and subtitles has been shown to have an 80% engagement rate.)
Your media will be released in a format that allows the viewer to pick subtitles or closed captions. (Being inaccessible to those hard of hearing is denying yourself an audience.)

Why Choose Subtitling and Closed Captioning Services

If you want to put your film in front of foreign audiences, subtitling might be more convenient than voice over.

Subtitling and closed captioning services are far less costly than voice over. Plus, these services allow the audience to listen to the actors’ voices in their original language.

Closed captioning and subtitling services are faster, easier, and keep another layer of the original media for the audience to connect with. However you choose to convey your video message, we have the services to help!


The Closed Captioning Company for You

Choosing who you’ll rely on for closed captioning or subtitling services can be tricky. But, with Day Translations, you can always be certain that your communication is top-notch.

You can connect 24/7 with our team of over 10,000 language professionals. We’re experienced, fast, and cost-effective. Plus, our linguists are experts in media communication. What more could you ask for?