Interview Transcription Services 24/7

Interview Transcription Services for any project length, and in any language. Our professional transcriptionists are available 24/7 to meet your unique needs, anywhere you are in the world. For fast and accurate transcription services click the button below for a free online quote. You can also connect with a human customer support representative to assist you as well. Join us today.

Interview Transcription Services 24/7

Interview Transcription for Any Topic or Length

If you want your interviews or podcasts professionally transcribed, error-free and word-for-word, we can help.

Whether you’re in the advertising industry making a commercial, or you need verbatim interview transcripts for legal proceedings, we can accurately and quickly transcribe any interview into its written version. Whatever the subject, length, or language, our expert team of global transcribers has extensive experience in terminology management and can handle any subject matter, including legal and medical. Available 24/7, we’re always on hand to receive your request.

Interview Transcription For Any Topic Or Length

All Types of Interviews

Our multilingual transcriptionists will bring a diverse skill set to your project.

With hands-on experience working in the legal, business and journalistic fields, they can quickly turn any oral interview into a written text, ensuring complete preservation of all original speech. All your interview recordings, whether audio or audio-visual, are easy to upload and, for convenience and speed, we provide ample space for your files. You can also send by email if you prefer. Simply let us know in the “project details” section of our simple online form and we will help you get started. Our experienced global team of transcribers can convert your oral recordings to text for an unlimited variety of transcription projects including:

  • Journalistic Interviews
  • Legal & Immigration Interviews
  • Commercials
  • Medical Interviews & IMEs
  • Podcasts
  • Other
All Types Of Interviews

Why You Need Professional Interview Transcription Services

Transcribing interviews takes a unique set of skills.

Differentiating between voices, deciphering overlapping dialogue, and listening around white noise or background noise are just some of the challenges that trained interview transcriptionists know how to deal with. Our professionals specialize in turning an oral conversation, which doesn’t always follow the conventional rules of grammar, into an accurate and intelligible piece of text. With a perfect command of the language (or languages) in use, our expert interview transcription services include:

  • Precise – Our professional interview transcribers can unravel even the hardest of phrases, in the trickiest of accents.

  • Thorough – We return your document complete, without any gaps or omissions. If we have any questions during the process, we’ll always check with you first.

  • Fast – We’re famous for our speed. Our transcribers work around the clock to get your interview transcripts back quickly and accurately.

Why You Need Professional Interview Transcription Services

Available 24/7 for All Your Urgent Requests

Day Translations is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 365 days a year.

We’re always available to handle your interview transcription services needs, anytime day or night. Whatever your project needs, language requirements, or subject material, we’ll find the right transcriptionist or team of transcribers for you and help you meet any deadline. Join us today.

Available 24/7 For All Your Urgent Requests

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