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Copy content is vital to establish a company’s reputation

Not only should web copy be explicative and demonstrate your expertise, it should also inspire trust. We know that it’s not all about giving your potential customers long lists of specific terminology, that’s not all that’s needed to establish a relationship and make the sell.

Web copy content, on the other hand, carries a whole different set of complexities, because it has to be optimized to make your site rank higher than your competition, in search engine results. This process is called SEO (Search engine optimization).

Companies that are striving for the international market will require international optimization services.

Basically, copy content should:

  • Be amiably written: It’s the first approach to a potential client.
  • Convey your expertise.
  • Communicate your standards and priorities as a service provider or producer.
  • Treat the specific needs of your target audience.
  • Be easy to find through search engines (Which is made possible by SEO).
copy content is vital to establish a company's reputation
international seo copywriting solutions by industry professionals

International SEO Copywriting Solutions by Industry Professionals

Day Translations’ international team of SEO marketing professionals creates high-quality copy content in more than 100 cultures. We’ll study the needs, search patterns, and potential concerns of your target audience, and write your optimized copy articles accordingly.

Our globally-minded commercial writers produce copy that is culturally-aware and effective in a wide variety of languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.

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