Lifeline Children’s Services

Lifeline Children’s Services

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Lifeline Children’s Services

Day Translations is proud to be a translation provider for Lifeline Children’s Services. Lifeline is the fastest growing adoption agency in the United States. They are a company with strong values and a passionate, caring, and knowledgeable workforce dedicated to putting the children first.


Day Translations provides translation services for all of the clients of Lifeline Children’s Services for a 5% discount. We are here to provide Certified translations for international adoption, Legal and certified translations of Birth Certificates, Driver’s licenses, Medical History, Background records, international Apostilles and more. We provide all of the translation services that you may need in order to adopt a child from any of the Countries in which Lifeline works. Please see here for a complete list of countries.


Day Translation has aligned with Lifeline Children’s Services because we strongly support their values and ethic. Translation services are a strong need for anyone wanting to go through the long and arduous process of international adoption. As a translation company, we are highly experienced in every country in the world. If you are trying to adopt a child from any country in Latin America, Central America, Eastern Europe, or more, you will need to have many things translated. The Child’s birth records and more are all going to be in another language, plus, you will have to translate your personal documents into the language of the target country in order to comply with all international law of that country.


There is nothing to worry or stress because, with 24/7 customer service, we will be here with you on every step of the process. Please click here for a free quote and see our prices below. Please note that we add $35.00 to every translation for a certified translation. All translations are sent to you via 1 day mail.

DayTranslations Lifeline Birth Certificates
DayTranslations Lifeline DL-Passport
DayTranslations Lifeline Apostille

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