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Native Nepali Speakers for All Your Needs

Whether for immigration purposes, business, or entertainment, we can provide you with professional Nepalese interpreters and translators around the clock. So, if you’ve got a business meeting in Kathmandu, or represent a client seeking United States citizenship, you can trust in our first class services and lifetime quality guarantee.


All of our certified translations come with guaranteed USCIS acceptance and, if you need Nepalese to English translations of any type of medical document, we provide full FDA compliance.


  • Nepali to English and English to Nepali
  • Native Nepali Speakers
  • Flawless Nepali Translations

Native Nepali Speakers for All Your Needs

Localization Services in Nepali

We specialize in languages and excel in programming and coding. By teaming up our global resources, we can localize any product to a Nepalese market, from a videogame to a mobile app.

Nepali Translations for Entertainment

From film script translation to subtitles and voice-over services, we provide first class Nepali translation, localization and related entertainment services to help you break into the Nepalese market.

Nepali Interpretation Services

As a member of the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), our qualified staff not only speaks fluent Nepali, but understands the legal terminology involved.

Nepali Translation Services for Business

Nepali Translation Services for Business

Do you have clients or suppliers in Patan or Kathmandu? Do you want to localize your videogame, software, mobile app, or advertising campaign to the Nepali market, and ensure maximum success?


Day Translations specializes in languages and, more importantly, understands cultural nuances. We also excel in coding and testing, and will play a key part in your product’s success in the Nepali speaking world. We provide Nepali translation, localization and interpretation services for:

  • Any Product or Service
  • Nepali Client Visits
  • Meetings & Presentations
  • Employee Manuals & Corporate Communications
  • Any Other Corporate Need

Nepali Translation Services for Medical & Legal

If your immigration firm processes applications from Nepali speakers, or you need your legal documents translated from Nepali to English for personal or business reasons, we can help.


Our USCIS approved certified translations are accepted in the States and worldwide, and we can even provide Nepali interpreting assistance for immigration interviews or courtroom proceedings.


  • Guaranteed USCIS acceptance & FDA compliance
  • Flawless Nepali translations of legal/medical documents
  • Trained Nepali interpreters for any legal or medical situation
  • Certified Translations and Affidavits

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