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With more and more immigrants arriving in Europe, all member states, including Denmark, are accepting refugees displaced by war and conflict. Interpreters from Danish to English and English to Danish (and other languages) have never been so important.


We can provide native Danish interpreters and Danish translation services around the clock for all your needs, including medical, legal, corporate, immigration and entertainment. We guarantee:


  • Native Danish Speakers
  • Perfect Danish Translation Services
  • Danish to English and English to Danish

Native Danish Speakers Whenever You Need Them

Danish Translations for Legal

We can provide certified translations in Danish of all your legal documents, as well as translation affidavits and legal interpretation assistance for immigration and asylum interviews in Danish.

Native Danish Interpreters

From in-person interpreters to help communicate with your Danish speaking patients, to over-the-phone interpreters for immigration interview assistance in Danish to English or English to Danish, we can help.

Danish Subtitles

With just over 5 million Danish speakers in Denmark, open up a new market for your television series, movie, documentary, or animation by getting your subtitles professionally produced in Danish.

Danish Translation Services for Medical & Legal

Danish Translation Services for Medical & Legal

If your law firm processes applications from Danish speakers, or you need your legal documents translated from Danish to English, or English to Danish for personal or business reasons, we can help.


Our USCIS approved certified translations are accepted in the States and worldwide, and we can even provide Danish interpreting assistance for immigration interviews or courtroom proceedings abroad. And if you’re working on the ward and a Danish speaking patient comes in needing your care, we can provide instant medical interpreting services over-the-phone 24/7:


  • Guaranteed USCIS acceptance & FDA compliance
  • Flawless translations of legal/medical documents
  • Trained Danish interpreters for any legal or medical situation
  • Certified Translations and Affidavits

Danish Transcription Services

Do you have an interview, video, or audio transcription that needs to be professionally transcribed in Danish? Are you in the medical industry and require regular transcriptions on an ongoing basis in Denmark or for Danish doctors?


Perhaps you specialize in film and arts, or literature, and need films, songs and poems transcribed in Danish? As a member of American Translators Association (ATA) and recognized A+ by the BBB, you can trust us with your confidential information and transcription projects of any size and subject.

Danish for Medical & Legal Purposes

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