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Native Speaking Arabic Translators & Interpreters

Do you have business or legal documents that need translating from Arabic to English, or any other language pair? How about a film script, literary piece, college transcript, or medical journal? Maybe you need a qualified Arabic interpreter for legal or medical proceedings?


Whatever your unique translation services needs, our talented team of native translators and interpreters are not only experts in the Arabic language, but fully trained in your area of specialization. From medical clinics to courtrooms, we set the industry standard for excellence.

Native Speaking Arabic Translators and Interpreters

Professional Arabic Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

Are you branching out your business to Arabic speaking clients? Need to translate and localize your website, software, or video game to local speaking markets? If the answer is yes, we can help you navigate the global marketplace.

Arabic Legal and Medical Translation Services

Legal & Medical Translations

If your law firm handles multiple immigration applications from Arabic speakers, or you need medically trained Arabic translators and interpreters for your hospital or clinic, count on us. Our expert translators and interpreters are available anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Arabic Interpreters and Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Day Translations is a proud member of the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), and our qualified staff are only native speakers, but they understand all the specialized terminology involved.

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Certified Document Translations from Arabic to English

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Translation Services for Businesses and Corporations

Arabic Translation Services for Business

Is your client base steadily growing in the Middle East? Are you looking to expand your business to Arabic speaking clients, facilitate communications across your corporation, or localize your website, software, video game, or app?


If the answer is yes, Day Translations can help. As an active member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Arab Professional Translators Society, we can handle all your Arabic translation services and interpreting needs, including:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Employee Manuals
  • Corporate Communications
  • Localization Services
  • Client Visits
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Do You Need Arabic Translation Services for Medical and Legal?

Does your firm handle multiple immigration applications from Arabic speakers? Do you need USCIS approved legal certified translations, documents accompanied by a translation affidavit, or language assistance for immigration interviews?


How about your medical documents, journals, IMEs and pharmacological studies flawlessly translated and compliant with FDA regulations? Or perhaps you need medically trained interpreters to ensure all diagnoses are clearly understood. Our qualified staff are fully trained in legal and medical terminology for all official purposes and on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Guaranteed USCIS acceptance
  • FDA compliance
  • Flawless translations of legal/medical documents
  • Trained interpreters with legal and medical expertise
  • Certified Translations
  • Affidavits

I Need Legal and Medical Translation Services