Retail Translation and Localization Services

eCommerce and product goods translation and localization services by an international team of translators and marketing professionals.

Retail Translation and Localization Services

Retail Translation and Localization Services

The internet is allowing brands to expand like never before.

The internet is allowing brands to expand like never before. Nowadays, you can make your products available to customers all over the world, who are going shopping without leaving their houses, wherever they are. An American brand, for instance, might ignite the interest of purchasers in Japan before ever opening a store there.

This wonderful possibility brings about a set of new challenges, related to:

  • Marketing across cultures and languages.
  • Making the purchasing process, the shipping process, and, eventually, the devolution process, as secure and clear as possible, to customers who speak a foreign language.

Clear, accurately-translated information will prevent the customer from needing extra assistance, and will make navigating your e-store more comfortable.

Retail Translation And Localization Services

Specialized services to help your internationally-oriented brand grow

We, at Day Translations, have provided linguistic and commercial solutions to retailers all around the globe.

Not only do we place at your disposal a team of professional mother-tongue translators working in more than 100 languages; we can also help you tailor all sort of content to appeal to customers across cultures.

We translate and localize:

  • Marketing and branding material in a diversity of formats
  • Websites and e-stores
  • Internal policy files
  • Packaging

We also have an internationally-minded SEO team, who can help your website rank highly in search engines worldwide.

Specialized Services To Help Your Internationally-Oriented Brand Grow


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