Certified Legal & Immigration Translation Services

Sworn, notarized and USCIS certified translations of all documents involved in the immigration process.

Certified Legal Immigration Translation Services

Certified Legal & Immigration Translation Services

Many joyful decisions, such as immigrating to the United States or opening a business, require long legal processes that involve heavy loads of documentation.

Things can get even more burdensome, when most of the documents in question are in a foreign language.

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Legal Translation For Immigration Services

Rigorous USCIS certified legal translation services

Day Translations’ team of legal translators provides rigorous certified services to a wide variety of clients, such as:

  • Immigrants and their legal counselors
  • Businesses and professionals who want to enter American markets
  • Scholars interested in working and studying in American institutions
  • Expats who want to change their civil status

Along with our notarized and sworn official translations, we offer affidavits of translation and apostilles.

Due to the strict deadlines of the application processes that our clients are going through, our response time for legal translation requests is especially short.

Rigorous Certified Legal Translation Services

USCIS approved interpreting services for applicants in all languages

We work along with paralegals and law firms, to make each step of their clients’ immigration process easier.

If you or your client needs professional assistance during an immigration interview, count on our USCIS approved interpreters. We can serve applicants in all languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.

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USCIS approved interpreting services for applicants in all languages

Are you interested in immigrating to the United States?

If you’d like to learn more about the immigration process, and how we can help you along the way, check out our blog.

There’s a whole category of posts dedicated to answering frequent questions about immigration.

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United States Immigration Services Paper Work

We also offer certified translations for all legal documents involved in the manufacturing process.

Italian to English sample

Italian to English sample

Italian to english sample

German to English Police Clearance Certificate


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