University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Alabama at Birmingham

We continue our commitment to give back to the community by doing what we do best – providing quality translation and interpreting services.

We have always valued education and academic excellence. We welcome ethnic diversity in the community and in education because we believe it enriches American culture. We are proud to announce that we are extending our discount program to another prestigious educational institution, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

The UAB, which is a public university, was established in 1969 and has a yearly enrolment of dozens of thousands of students. These students come from 110 countries, pursuing studies in 12 academic divisions and 140 educational programs. The UAB is known for its courses in behavioral and social sciences, liberal arts, education, engineering, business and many health-related programs of study, including public health, nursing, optometry, dentistry and medicine.

university of alabama at birmingham
translation services for UAB by day translations

Translation Services for UAB by Day Translations

One of America’s largest academic medical centers, the UAB Health System, is connected to the university.

The UAB is Alabama’s largest employer, with its 18,000 staff and faculty. It offers 53,000 jobs within the health system and the university.

With its large and diverse community of students, faculty and staff, the UAB has varied requirements for document translation, not only for its academic courses, but also in the health service system. Its community of international students also requires help with academic translation, translation of their personal documents and other written documents. Day Translations is also offering book translation and interpreting services since a large number of the members of the community are not native English speakers,

Day Translations extends a 10 percent discount on all translation and interpreting services required by the faculty, students and staff of The University of Alabama at Birmingham. They can redeem the discount by sending an email to and showing proof that they are a staff or faculty member or a student of The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Some notable UAB Alumni

There are several UAB alumni that are involved in a variety of sport, such as the NFL, WNBA, golf and soccer. Several public figures, including William A. Bell, the current Mayor of Birmingham, Walt Maddox, the current Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Chris Collins, a current member of Congress, and Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman all graduated from UAB.

Research scientist and astronaut Larry DeLucas, cognitive scientist and psychologist George A. Miller, and the Surgeon General of the United States, Regina Benjamin are distinguished UAB alumni, too. In arts and media, celebrated alumni include artists Jon Coffelt, Clayton Colvin, Melissa Springer and David Sandlin.