About Our President

Sean Hopwood - Day Translations CEO

Professionalism, Hard Work, Formality and Respect.

Here are some words from Mr. Sean Hopwood, President & CEO:

I decided to set up Day Translations, Inc. from the ground up in 2007 because, after learning all about the translations business through entrepreneurial courses and my own personal experiences, I strongly believed that my company could be of great service to individuals and corporations throughout the world. And I finally had the knowledge and courage to go it alone. I always knew that I wanted to start my own business and work towards my dream of promoting world peace through education, tolerance and cultural awareness.

Day Translations is named after my grandfather, Francis Day, who was an inspiration to me and my family, and one of the people who most influenced my life and personality. As an ex-marine officer, my grandfather was a disciplined man and instilled old-fashioned values in me that I still adhere to today; hard work, professionalism, formality and respect. The Day name continues to be an inspiration to me and his legacy lives on in my company’s work ethics, core values and everyday interactions.

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Languages Are My Passion

Working alongside people of all cultures allows me to combine my skills and passions.

I love what I do and it reflects in my work. MBA qualified, with a major in Spanish from the University of South Florida, I’m a born communicator and public speaker, with a passion for culture and languages. As a polyglot, I currently speak seven languages with varying degrees of fluency, including English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Arabic, German and Portuguese.

I find the power and versatility of words both exciting and intriguing. It fascinates me to know that what means something to one person can be quite the opposite for another, depending on the language they speak or the part of the world they live in. It’s the minute nuances in words that’s the most beautiful of all. Like people, it’s the little details and idiosyncrasies, along with their cultural influences and beliefs that make them who they are; unique.

I find beauty in diversity and strive to connect with people from all walks of life, languages, and backgrounds; constantly learning from each new encounter. As an advocate for cultural sensitivity and understanding, I do my best to be an active member of the community and work harder every day towards breaking down cultural barriers and building a better society where all nationalities and languages have an equal voice.

Languages Are My Passion
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