E-commerce Translation and E-learning Localization Services to Take Your Business Global

Why You Want a Digital Business

An e-business is the end result of the digitalization of a brand’s business model. Currently, approximately 12% of the global goods trade is conducted via international
e-commerce, and in the US alone, e-commerce sales account for 10% of total retail sales.

Some of the benefits of having an e-business model include:

  • Significant decrease of infrastructure costs
  • Increase in productivity
  • Global access – the world is your market
  • Reduction of ecological footprint – less paper and office supplies
  • Possibility to segment clients based on interests and consumer behavior
  • Remote employees – better work environment and productivity
why you want a digital business
ebusinesses and ecommerce sites

E-businesses and E-commerce Sites

The term “Electronic Business” or “E-business” refers to the supply of goods and services using the internet as the main channel for these transactions. An e-commerce is a type of e-business that consists of purchasing and selling physical or digital products, typically for the end-consumer. Your e-business may very well be an
e-commerce, but it could also serve as an educational platform, a health provider platform, a digital banking platform, etc.

A Pure Play company focuses on one specific niche, product, or activity. In e-business terms, a Pure Play is a business that runs solely in a digital medium.

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E-learning and Its Benefits

E-learning involves the digitalization of learning programs. It allows students from all over the world to acquire knowledge and skills entirely online. E-learning students obtain certifications, licences, and college degrees, with nothing more than an internet connection and a device to access it from.

The benefits of having an online learning platform include:

  • Reaching a higher number of students around the world
  • Better organization of course load
  • Higher volume of courses to offer
  • Massive reduction of costs
  • Improved flexibility from teachers and professors
  • A more efficient payment method from your students
elearning and its benefits
elearning localization and ecommerce translation services

E-learning Localization and E-commerce Translation Services

We deliver the fastest, safest, and most accurate language services for your
e-business. Whether you offer production lessons through your music academy or have a design-your-mug delivery service, your online store can reach double the customers when expanding to a new international market.

We provide every step in a proper, holistic localization. This includes:

  • Linguistic testing for a perfect user interface
  • Subtitling of courses
  • Translation of courses
  • Formatting and design of your e-business
  • Formatting and design of your e-business
  • Internationalization of your source content