Afrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans Translation Services to Expand Your Brand

South Africa is the powerhouse of this multifaceted, exciting continent, with its economy and infrastructure matching those from any first-world country. Namibia, on the other hand, has a capital-intensive industry and strong commodity exports such as diamonds, livestock and fish. If you’re looking to grow your business in Africa, look no further.

With any big step, you need a proper strategy that will drive you forward. And in this case, to simply translate an English document to Afrikaans to entice your potential sub-Saharan African partner will not be enough.

What you want are world-class Afrikaans translators, interpreters and localization experts to get your brand’s message across.

Afrikaans Translation Services to Expand Your Brand
Afrikaans Translations and Interpreting Services

Afrikaans Translations and Interpreting Services

If you’re looking for Afrikaans translation or interpretation services, the chances are you’re doing business in South Africa, Namibia, or even Zimbabwe.

While it’s true that English is the dominant language in this corner of the world, if you’re seriously considering a lasting professional relationship with an Afrikaans speaking supplier or distributor here, you’ll want to make sure that proceedings, red tape and contracts are clearly understood by all parties concerned.

We can provide you with a professional Afrikaans-speaking native interpreter or translator for your business meetings, to help ensure your trip is a success. We guarantee:

  • Accuracy and speed, whether you request English to Afrikaans translation services, Afrikaans to English translation services, or any other solution, in any other language pair.
  • Professional Afrikaans translators specialized in your field: Complex terminology management is our strength.
  • Full localization, thanks to our native Afrikaans speakers. Your translation won’t sound like a translation.

Afrikaans Translations and Localization Services

Success comes with commitment.

What does this mean for your new product line in Zimbabwe? It means that if you want to build real trust and loyalty among your customers, you can’t use an English to Afrikaans translator tool for your promotional ads.

When trying to get your brand’s message across, you need professional localization services. This means taking into account the cultural nuances, formatting specifications and legal requirements into consideration when adapting your product to a new region.

We’ll provide you with a team of project managers, certified translators, professional interpreters and localization experts that will make sure your marketing campaigns and business strategies enchant your new audience, so your business can grow on the other side of the world.

Afrikaans Translations and Localization Services

Fully Localized Afrikaans

Do you need to translate your website or business documents from Afrikaans to English or English to Afrikaans? From Johannesburg to Windhoek, our mother tongue professionals will ensure your content mantains its intention,tone and message.

Afrikaans Legal Translations

Afrikaans Legal

If your law firm handles immigration applications from Afrikaans speakers, or you need a legal document, such as a birth certificate or adoption papers, translated from Afrikaans to English and certified, we can help.

Afrikaans Interpretation Services

Afrikaans Interpretation

Our mother tongue interpreters work as cross-cultural companions, ensuring clear and effective communication. We work with businesses, the medical sector (we’re HIPAA-certified), immigrants, and their legal aides.

Certified Samples in Different Languages

We can provide you with certified translation services and translation affidavits for all your documents.

View more certified samples


German to English Police Clearance Certificate

Certified Afrikaans Translation Services for Every Industry

Certified Afrikaans Translation Services for Every Industry

Whatever your Afrikaans translation services needs are, from translation of a literary piece, to voice-over services, certified translations, or over-the-phone interpreting, we’re available day and night to take your request.

From immigration applications from Afrikaans speakers, to medical records, IMEs and EUOs, we can flawlessly translate and interpret, adhering to all official guidelines, including USCIS and FDA regulations. Count on us for:

  • Guaranteed USCIS acceptance and FDA compliance
  • Flawless Afrikaans translations of legal and medical documents
  • Trained Afrikaans interpreters for any legal or medical situation
  • Certified translations and affidavits

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"Day Translations has always done a professional translation. They always meet the requested timeline. It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Day Translations."

Afrikaans Translations for Art and Entertainment

If you want to introduce your videogame to the Afrikaans speaking market, subtitle or voice-over from English to Afrikaans your movie, or you need an Afrikaans to English translation for your literary piece, we can help.

Because we’re passionate about fostering languages and improving global communications, we’ll assign your project to the most appropriate translator or voice-over actor, who not only speaks native Afrikaans, but who also shares in your appreciation of literature and art. We can provide

  • Afrikaan Voice-Over services
  • Movie localization
  • Literary translation
  • Afrikaans subtitles
  • Film script translation
Afrikaans Translations for Art and Entertainment