When law firms need to translate eDiscovery documents with accuracy and speed to support international litigation and dispute resolution, they will call Day Translations.

We make it easy for attorneys and defense counsel to obtain and reference quality multilingual data throughout the pre-trial discovery process. Day Translations has a large team of professional legal translators and multilingual subject matter experts to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate translation services for all ESI documents (electronically stored information), on demand and at scale.

When law firms need to translate eDiscovery documents with accuracy
legal service and customer has specific translation

We understand that each legal service and customer has specific translation needs and goals, and our multilingual translators work to provide quality translations with speed and accuracy. All our translations are reviewed by native linguists for a reliable and consistent final product. No matter the size or scope of your project and the deadline, we can help. Our eDiscovery and Discovery translation services are ideal for legal agencies and any type of case. Whether you’re translating emails, technical documents, reports or private materials, our professionals provide industry-specific translations that help win the case and reach a verdict.

We also have specialized industry translation teams, with specialized teams to take on legal, technical, financial, and medical translations and beyond. Each translator is tested and rated before the selection process, to ensure we select the right professional for each project.

Day Translations eDiscovery Services

Day Translations provides comprehensive legal translation and interpretation services for eDiscovery for all stages of any cases and civil trials in over 190 languages. We have experience translating all types of legal, financial, and business documents such as contracts, joint venture agreements, due diligence reports, financial compliance documents, as well as all e-discover materials.

Day Translations eDiscovery services include:

  • Pre-trial document translations
  • eDiscovery translation
  • Multilingual litigation support
  • Courtroom interpreting
  • Multilingual trial documents
  • Financial document translations
  • Document localization
  • Multilingual document OCR
  • Private VRI Legal virtual room with an interpreter

For more information or a free quote on our eDiscovery and Discovery services, please contact our team.

Day Translations eDiscovery Services

In Addition to eDiscovery Services, We Offer: