Video Game Localization Services

Global Growth & Success for Your Video Games

We provide video game localization services to create a captivating experience for your users around the world.

So, if you’re thinking about introducing your video game to international markets, now’s the time to localize it. Because launching just one version of your product will dramatically dent your market share, you need to create a tailored user experience. Video game localization takes into account different languages, cultures and gaming habits. But how do you get it right? With the support of a partner who specializes in languages and culture, and is an industry leader in video game localization.


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Video Game Localization Services from America to Asia

The popularity of video games transcends geographic regions, gender, age and languages. If your video game is a hit in the States, what’s stopping it from conquering the Asian market?

Failure to localize your video game, the language, interface, graphics, icons, and colors translates into failure to do business globally. Satisfying increasingly demanding user expectations, while ensuring cross-platform compatibility, is a complex process.

Does your video game work over multiple devices and operating systems? Do you need video game localization modifications that go beyond the textual structure and capability of a regular translation agency? We can make major adjustments to your game’s coding to take into account not only wording, but also graphical discrepancies between your source and target languages (such as font types and icons). Increase your appeal from America to Asia with our expert video games localization services.

In Addition to Video game Localization Services, We Offer:

Coding and Testing in Video Game Localization

We ensure that your source content is multiple languages-ready.
Your video game’s code is written to allow you to create versions of your product in other languages easily and with low cost. Once your product is localized on all levels, we run it through rigorous testing to ensure that it is market-ready. This includes:

  • Making sure the coding works correctly
  • Testing the user experience in different markets
  • Ensuring that the visual design is optimum with no cosmetic issues
  • Removing any inappropriate references and wording
  • Making sure the translation is fresh and engaging

Video Game Voice-Over Services

We hand-pick the right talent for your video game’s characters through selective, extensive voice casting.

No more losing the passion, purpose, context, or tone of your wording in mediocre translation or clumsy casting. We understand that you need more than just a native speaker for your project, and we know that you want more than just an actor. Through extensive voice auditioning and the strictest submission standards, we can play the necessary role in your game’s international success.