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A Translation Company in Hong Kong

Are you ready to take your company to the financial hub that is Hong Kong’s autonomous territory? With its outstanding skyscrapers and its impeccable business culture, your choice would be the right one.

You’re in luck, because we’re located there, so you can pick up your documents and request language services through our local phone number.
If you’re ready to go global, we’re ready to take you there.

A Translation Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Translation Services and Much More

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Hong Kong Translation Services – Why You Need Experts

Hong Kong Translation Services – Why You Need Experts

You might think that due to its global presence, everyone in Hong Kong speaks English. And while it’s the second language of the territory, most people actually speak Cantonese. With its nine tones, it’s a dialect of Chinese that our translators and interpreters master. But that’s not the end of the language presence.

Due to its increased contact with China, many people and business owners speak Mandarin. So if you’re looking to adapt a presentation for your possible business partner, voice-over a tv commercial for your new audience, or localize your website for your new clients, you might be looking at either these two languages as a choice.

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Day Translations, Inc.
1 Harbour View Street One IFC, Level 20, Central, Hong Kong

A Translation Company in Hong Kong for Every Need

We have an office in Hong Kong, but what exactly can you request there? Absolutely anything you need in terms of language services:

  • Translation of documents, emails, journals, and any written file
  • Certified translations for legal or academic purposes
  • Transcription of all audio and video files
  • Localization projects tailored to your needs: from website adaptation to multilingual social media management, and global SEO

We support every single language. We also offer a lifetime guarantee in all your Hong Kong translation services, so if you need to make adjustments months, or even years down the line, we will implement them for free.

A Translation Company in Hong Kong for Every Need
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Whether you’re in Bolivia, Serbia, or the Papua New Guinea you can count on us. We’re the translations company in Hong Kong that will deliver the best results for you and your brand.
Contact us and hire our Hong Kong translation services today.