Day Awards 2023

Welcome to the Linguists Awards!

Join us in awarding the industry that connects everyone and everywhere globally.

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The 2023 Ceremony

Every year, on September 30th (International Translation Day), Day Translations broadcasts its award ceremony. At this event, which is available on our YouTube channel, we celebrate the teams, individuals, and projects that are taking the language industry into the future.

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Our Motivation

After 15 years of growing as a language services provider, delivering comprehensive solutions to businesses and individuals from all continents, we believe it’s time to dedicate a moment to celebrate our industry’s present and wholeheartedly welcome its future.

Each year, we award the creators of the tools that make our day-to-day work easier. We also focus on internal team members and international figures that do an outstanding job in aiding communication, preserving, protecting, and teaching languages.

Get ready to join us in celebrating translation, interpretation, and linguistic masterminds from across the globe!

Our Motivation