Interpreting Policies

Please be advised that 50% cancellation fee will apply for assignments cancelled within 48 hours of the project and 100% cancellation fee will apply for assignments cancelled within 24 hours of the project date. There are no extra fees in addition to this. We do not charge gas fees, so what you see is what you get. If there are any additional expenses, such as parking, we will need to be reimbursed for that. You will meet your professionally trained Day Translations interpreter on the day of the interpretation.

Your card will be charged upfront for the requested duration. If the said duration is below the quoted minimum, the minimum fee applies. Any additional time will be charged to your card after the interpretation has taken place. Please note that you will be charged for all the time that the interpreter is on-site with you, starting from the time you requested the interpreter, up until his/her services are no longer required.

Please do not discuss any other projects with our employee. If you need another interpretation, please call 1-800-969-6853

Another option is an Over the Phone Interpretation wherein we can call you at your preferred number once the interpretation is needed and you can put the call on speaker phone so that our interpreter can hear the conversation between you and the other party and be able to interpret successfully. The Estimate is $2.20 USD per minute (Negotiable). If there are any additional expenses such as long distance fees, etc, we would need to be reimbursed for those expenses as well. A professionally trained Day Translations interpreter will call you at the time of the interpretation. As soon as you confirm the details of your assignment we will schedule the interpreter that best fits your needs.

Types of Interpretation

  • Simultaneous Interpretation:
    The speaker continuously speaks as the interpreter conveys the message into the target language. There are no pauses. Ex: United Nations
  • Consecutive Interpretation:
    The interpreter interprets the message after the speaker has finished speaking. There are pauses in between.

Your interpretation will be performed by a quality Day Translations employee. We are equipped with a team of professional interpreters with years of international experience to perfectly fit your interpreting needs. We are a proud member of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, the American Translators Association (ATA), and the New York Circle of Translators, Inc. We provide interpretation services for many different fields in every language in any city in the world:

We would like you to know as much about our company as possible as we are proud of our team and would like to provide you the best service possible! Here are some important points that you can check out


Day Translations will not be held responsible for any outcome decisions made by the USCIS officers that are not a result of the interpretation itself. This includes denial of client’s petition. Kindly keep in mind that the interpreter is not responsible for the content of the message being interpreted and they only act as conduit. It is not up to the interpreter to assess the veracity, morality, or accuracy of the message. The interpreter is not responsible for the truth of what is being said and the interpreter is not to provide any clarification or addition to what the client is saying on the client’s behalf. The interpreter is only responsible for the correct interpretation of what is being said. Should the USCIS officer consider the interpreter unfit for the appointment, the USCIS officer will inform those present in the room and will reschedule the appointment if needed. In such case, the client should inform Day Translations within 48 hours of the appointment with sufficient report and feedback to be reviewed for further action at the discretion of Day Translations. Please note that a rescheduled appointment does not equate to a denied petition.