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    What We Look For In A Blog Post

    Successful contributions from guest bloggers should be submitted without any grammatical errors, typos or formatting issues. All content should be original and not published elsewhere. Every contribution should include a well-written author bio of 2-3 sentences and a photo, if you wish.

    Writing Style

    • Write in a style that’s appealing to our audience; they don’t want to read essays. They don’t have time for novels. Informative, data-driven articles and “how to” guides work best.
    • We’re not fans of the Oxford comma, so leave it out if possible.
    • Split your article up into sections with headers (at least 2 -3 sub-headers).
    • Use bullet points if necessary.
    • No long paragraphs or lengthy sentences, please.
    • Minimize the usage of passive voice.


    • Your blog post must be a minimum of 1,000 words.
    • We have a wealth of different categories, so please pick one topic. Just one. And make it interesting and relevant to that target audience.
    • Please provide at least three images with each post and provide image attribution link, or use Pixabay for high-quality, free images. Images should be in .jpg or .png format.
    • Please include a Meta Description of fewer than 156 characters (including spaces).
    • The title is key. Try to keep it to 7 to 10 words maximum. Short and snappy gets more clicks.
    • You should include a link to at least one reputable source from within your content.
    • Focus on a primary SEO keyword. Try to use it in your title, headers and throughout your content but not too many times. We recommend a keyword density of 1.5% to 2%.


    • Definitely no plagiarized content (everything you write will be passed through Copyscape first). Any reference material used should be mentioned.
    • Publication dates will be at the discretion of the Day Translations Blog team. You will be notified of the tentative publication date as soon as your article has been accepted.
    • Day Translations reserves the right to edit any and all posts we receive. If significant edits are required, your post will be rejected.
    • Please include an author bio of no more than 75 words. You can include a link to your website or blog inyour author bio but not within the body of your post (unless it’s relevant to the article). Your author bio must include a photo.
    • We encourage all bloggers to share their posts on social media and we will also promote them through our social channels. However, please do not add the same post to your own site or blog (to avoid any duplicate content issues).

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