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How to Find a Professional Medical Translator

Medical Translator
How to Find a Professional Medical Translator
on June, 22 2017

Medical translation is a specialized form of translation. The complexity of medical documents is one of the reasons why not that many translators decide to become a medical translator.

It requires knowledge of medical language and accurate use of medical terminologies. Medical documents also require pre-defined glossaries and, at times, have language specific to the company or the industry. Being a medical translator is rewarding, but it certainly isn't easy!

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Ways to Look for a Professional Medical Translator


Online Search

How can you locate a professional medical translator? One of the best methods is to ask for recommendations. If the person you know was happy with the translation work he or she received, you have a greater chance of being happy with the translation provider as well.

If you regularly have translation work done, you could ask your translator for a recommendation. Since a medical translator is a subject matter expert, your regular translator might not have the required qualification to translate medical documents.

You could also do an online search or find one from an online directory. While searching online may be a quick way to find a medical translator, it is best that you also dig a bit into the background of the translator or the agency to ensure that you are getting the best language services provider.

If you found good reviews of translation companies, you can go to their sites and review their services. Some are lucky by just using the right search terms. Be very specific, using search terms as "English to Spanish medical translator" to narrow your search.

Because you are not speaking with the translation provider directly when doing an online search, it is important to remember to check for the source and target languages.

You can also inquire from association directories. Their online directories contain a listing of their members. Searching is free of charge, so you do not have to worry about fees. You can check with the American Translators Association (ATA) if you're in the United States, or the local associations where you are located. The ATA now has a medical division, which will allow you to do specific search.

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Importance of Medical Translation


Medical Translation

With travel becoming cheaper and faster, medical translation services have become critical because there are more instances when you need translation of medical records.

Medical translation might be needed for immigration purposes, when you have to present your medical records to a foreign specialist, or you are applying for insurance in another country that does not speak your language.

It is not possible to do medical translation unless you are an expert in the field. Being bilingual does not necessarily mean that you can do medical translation. The service is a complex and delicate process that requires the proper terminology. It needs to be precise as the smallest of errors could lead to inappropriate treatment or incorrect diagnoses.

When you're in need of a professional medical translator, see to it that you do your research diligently. Remember that not all professional translators have the skills and qualifications to be a medical translator.

Moreover, it is important to understand that not all medical translators will be able to translate everything. You have to find the right subject matter expert for the type of medical document you want translated. If you want to avoid guesswork, get in touch with us. We will ensure to match you with the right medical translator for your project, language and specialty.

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