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5 Major Benefits of Mobile App Localization

Localize The Right Way
5 Major Benefits of Mobile App Localization
on February, 23 2017

Does your company have an app? Is your business model based around an app? Everyone has to start somewhere and working on cornering your home market is essential. But once you have a popular app that’s increasing in downloads and gaining positive reviews, it’s time to think about mobile app localization. Why? Because having your app available in just one app store market means you’ll lose out on millions of potential sales.

It may come as a surprise to you, but did you know that the majority of internet users are not based in the States? The Asia/Pacific region boasts the highest number of mobile subscribers in the world. But mobile usage is rising from South America to Northern Africa. If you want your business to keep expanding, it’s time to invest in expansion. Check out 5 major benefits of mobile app localization here:

1. Access to a Global Market

Depending on the countries you decide to localize your mobile app for, the possibilities are almost limitless. You won’t be able to roll out a full international mobile app localization project at once, so select the countries that show higher demand for your product or service. The very nature of your industry means that you have access to a global market. But that doesn’t mean that you should try to access the entire global market. Especially without conducting extensive prior research.

China, for example, is a potential goldmine for apps that get it right. It’s the biggest app market in the world, with revenue set to reach $42 billion by 2020. But, it’s far from an easy market to enter. Ideally, you’ll localize your mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms, as this will expand your reach. But with the absence of Google Play in China, you’d better get ready to deal with over 200 local Android app stores! iOS app localization is easier if you want a smoother entry, as the App Store’s rules are the same around the world. China is now Apple’s number one iPhone market, with over $3 billion in sales.

Whether China is the right market for your app or not is for your company to determine. But wherever you set your sights on first, the same benefit is intrinsic -- access to more users around the globe.

2. Unlimited Sales Potential

According to VentureBeat, the infamous gaming app, Pokémon Go, made a staggering $35 million in its first two weeks. And that was in only a handful of markets. Investing in a solid mobile app localization strategy, Nintendo was able to make almost unlimited global sales. They had to study each new market and make sure that all texts, numbers, icons, images and screen shots were meticulously localized to their target audiences. But the investment was well with it in the end.

You may not be in the gaming market, nor be as large as global giant, Nintendo. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into unlimited sales possibilities through successful mobile app localization. Polish people like to get fit just as much as Americans. Italian businesses find project management software useful. Whatever it is you’re selling, you can be sure there’s a market for it overseas.

3. Competitive Advantage

The app market, as you already know, is a competitive place. Getting users to download your app is only the first step. If your app doesn’t live up to expectations, it won’t last very long. A massive 90% of users delete apps almost immediately after download. Only 16% of them will give an app a second chance. What does this mean? That investing in mobile app localization that is flawless and creates an optimum user experience for your target market will give you a competitive advantage like no other.

You’ll also need to know how to optimize your app for local app stores. For iOS, this means making sure your keywords are in the titles and app name. For Google Play, your app description will be scanned, so make sure you know the key search terms used by customers in this market. Even if you aren’t translating your app into a different language, you’ll need to consider systems of measurement, currency and local colloquialisms. Irish people, for example, don’t go on vacation, they go on holiday, so you’ll need to adjust your ASO strategy. Get your mobile app localization right and you’ll be heads and shoulders above the competition who fail to fully localize. Not to mention those who don't even make their app available in the target language.

4. Increased Visibility

You may have an app that’s popular in the US, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need adapting for different English-speaking markets. Your ASO strategy should be factored in from the start, whether you’re localizing for the UK, India or Russia. Localizing your app’s content, images and descriptions will give you better visibility in the App Store and Google Play. Make sure that your app contains the right amount of keywords without stuffing.

A solid ASO strategy will encourage more downloads, as your app will appear to more people. Even if you’re on a tight budget, some element of mobile app localization is essential if you want to get in front of the right users. And if you want to encourage good reviews to boost your ranking, meticulous app localization is required to ensure your app doesn’t get trashed.

5. Guaranteed ROI

Investing in mobile app localization will yield positive ROI. The localization process can seem costly at first, especially when you need to work with professional translators, native to the target country. But localize your app well and you’ll see ROI guaranteed. Once you’ve started the localization process, each time you expand into a new country, things will also be easier. Why? Well, you’ll still have to come up against different laws, languages and buyer behavior, but you’ll build up a knowledge curve and efficient processes for getting things done.

ROI is not an exact science, nor will the same number apply to all companies. But a study by Distomo found that localized apps saw more downloads. How many more? A staggering 128% more!

So, if you’ve been considering mobile app localization, the time to get started is now! Day Translations can help you carry out a successful mobile app localization project for any country in the world, for Android or iOS. Contact us today for further information or a free quote. With so many advantages to localization, you'll be glad you did.

Christina Comben

Christina Comben is Content Manager at Day Translations. Qualified to MBA level and motivated by challenge, change, and continued learning, Christina has lived and worked her way around the world, garnering in-depth knowledge of diverse office environments and varying industries, from media and entertainment to education, health, and information technology.

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