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10 Ways to Ensure Quality in Translations

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10 Ways to Ensure Quality in Translations
on July, 07 2016

This is a guest post by Nikolaos Sitsanis.

How can a translation company be sure of the final result and the quality of a translation? How translators are controlled and managed so that the result is excellent?

Some may argue that it is a matter of cooperation with a good supplier. Others may consider that it is a matter of evaluation of a translation management system. Some believe that it is a matter of qualifications of the linguist. We should say ... that is all of the above!

It is the complete list of how to ensure you get high quality translation and you’re your localization will go to a whole new level.

1. Create a quality plan
To reduce the possibility of errors in a translation from the beginning, translation companies must collaborate with translators and design a process that ensures the quality of translations. In this post are put questions to help you better understand the scope of the translation process before you start - so you can discern the quality from the beginning.

2. Evaluation of linguists
Since linguists constitute the core of translations quality, you must be sure that your translation provider is an evaluated linguist in order to provide you the best translation since you assign him/her your projects. This position determines how linguists should evaluate the needs of your project and how you can be sure that it is in the hands of a certified professional.

3. Industrial Standards
There are various industrial certificates and standards that a translation agency can follow in order to ensure the provision of high-quality translations. This post mentions some of the most significant and common industrial translation templates that allow you to draw even higher quality of the services of a translator.

4. Checks and balances
The quality should be ensured in each step until the completion of the translation and not just at the beginning or at the end. This post refers to various checks and balances that should be present during the translation in order to identify any misfortunes and ensure high-quality translations.

5. Countable factors
The translation can be very subjective, which can make the quality expectations very difficult to achieve. This post shows that having a translator who can manage the details of the content of your project - such as terminology, language and style – it is much less likely to face inconsistencies.

6. Plan
When some issues are presented then the quality of your translations can be affected, it is important that your translation agency have a clear plan of corrective actions. Not only should you quickly solve these issues, but also the same issues should not happen again in the future. This post shows how this can be achieved.

7. Facing linguistic problems
If there are linguistic problems, you must be sure that the translation agency you chose makes the necessary actions to solve the any issue - including the cooperation of the office with the linguist in order to check whether he/she meets the expectations of your project and if it is necessary to assign the work to someone else. This post explains how translation agencies face linguistic issues in order to ensure that their clients will receive high quality translations.

8. Check of translation agency
The last thing you should do is to assign one of your projects to a translation agency and later find out that its services were insufficient. In this post we analyze how to check a translation agency so that you can be sure that their services are equivalent to high-quality translations and that their content is safe in their hands.

9. Cooperation with the translation agency
While the translation agency’s work greatly affects the quality of your translation, equally valuable are your actions. This post mentions various ways so that you get the issue of quality of the translation in your hands and work with the translation agency you selected.

10. Monitoring and evaluation of services
Even at the end of the translation of your project, the work of the translator is far from over. In fact, some of the most useful information about your project can come from the translator's analysis. This post contains a list of five reports that you should ask the translation agency in order to control the quality of the translation.

About the Author:
Nikolaos Sitsanis is the CEO & Founder of, a fast-growing internet-based translation provider based in UK and Greece . Over the years, we have succeeded in building a technology platform and an extremely user-friendly interface that has placed us among the leading language solutions portal providers around the globe.

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