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What Global Companies Should Know about Language Translation

Localization and Globalization
What Global Companies Should Know about Language Translation
on April, 03 2015

A business with a global presence means more people become aware of your business and your products. It also means that people speaking different languages see your products displayed, sold or promoted in their own countries. Without translation, your product information and messages would not be understood by the multitude of people speaking languages other than your own. Thus, language translation is vital in today's business setting.

It does not matter whether you only transact business online or you have physical offices in other countries where your products and services are available. What matters is that the locals understand your message. This means that you have to do some localization work. This also means that everything that has to do with your business in a foreign country where a universal language, such as English is not spoken will have to be translated into the local language. It is major investment and should be included in your budget. It might require a large sum in the beginning but in the long run, your investment in language translation will pay for itself in terms of product sales, consumer loyalty and repeat orders. Why? Because the locals understand what you are selling, what you want to impart to them and the benefits your products and services will give them, since you are speaking in their own language.

Why translate content

There are many different reasons why businesses want their content to be translated. One of the major reasons to have content translation would be to forge solid overseas business relationships. It could be business expansion to reach and sell to an international market. One of the biggest hurdles of business people is getting a good and cost effective supplier. Good communication is key, which is why global companies need to deal with a professional and expert language services provider to take care of their content translation. There are countries where it is a prerequisite to have everything translated in the local language so they could review their documents properly.

Proper content translation means that international products are presented to local audiences in their preferred language. Culture, traditions, beliefs and practices come into play when content is localized. There are cultures that respond to certain colors, even particular fonts. They may also be partial to certain images and words. If you fail to take cultural context into consideration, it is easy for the actual meaning to be lost in translation.


Branding makes a huge impact on any kind of business, especially when dealing with international audiences. This is why language translation is very important – to win these overseas consumers by translating information targeting specific audiences. The receipt of foreign content vastly depends on good, high-quality translation.

There are specific terms in one language that do not have an exact equivalent in another language. Therefore getting a professional to translate the actual meaning would be successfully conveyed. Professional translators know the grammar, jargons and nuances of the target language and have the knowledge and expertise to weave in local traditions and cultural practices and preferences, thus preventing a negative perception and reception of your products and services.

Day Translations Team

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