Shall I queue here for succeeding in life?

Who knows? Perhaps the managers from Starbucks Coffee have found the golden key to success and want their customers to ask for it while sipping one of their beverages. Or it is also very likely that somebody believed that translating such a short board message was easy and decided to give it a try instead of asking a professional translator to do so.

Whichever the reason, the final result is a funny message in Spanish that suggests Spanish speaking customers that success can be found there instead of showing to them that that is the way out of the store.

The word “Exit”, which means “way out” in Spanish is one of the most popular false cognates for Spanish speakers as it is written and pronounced in a very similar way to “éxito”, which means “success”. Our professional translators are well aware of these false cognates and have such a command of the source and the target languages they translate to and from that they will never make such a serious mistake.
Day Translations, Inc. has a strong expertise in English to Spanish translations and we provide you with the correct translation: “Salida únicamente”

Can you find another way to translate this message? We invite you to send us your versions in our comments section.

Image credit: Flickr photo by rudy.kleysteuber under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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