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icon4 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between OPI and IPI?
  • OPI (over-the-phone interpreting) and IPI (in-person interpreting) are two separate services that we offer. OPI is just as it sounds, one of our interpreters can join your conversation either via phone or Skype and act as a linguistic mediator for any situation.
  • IPI is our formal service in which a professional interpreter will visit a selected destination and assist you with any communication barriers and provide proper equipment to facilitate the conversation.
Are your interpreters specialized in interpreting our industry terminology?
  • Our interpreters have extensive experience in interpreting to your needs. Our network of professional interpreters can service many different industries in every language in any city in the world.
  • If you use a highly specific and specialized terminology, please discuss this with your customer service representative upfront. We may request that you provide additional information to help our interpreters familiarize themselves with your industry.
How do you maintain your high quality standards for interpretive work?
  • We’re very selective and only hire a small portion of the interpreters that apply.
  • Day Translations has an extensive screening process for all of our interpreters. These include multiple tests, interviews, as well as mock interpretations all under a timed limit.
  • A typical Day Translation interpreter has been interpreting professionally for multiple years.

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