Doing Business in Saudi Arabia: Business Translations

- September 30, 2021
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More and more, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is embracing globalization and the modern world. This is good news especially for us in the Western World. 

Just in case you’re not aware, Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East. It occupies approximately 80% of what is known as the Arabian Peninsula and shares its borders with the Persian Gulf along with the world famous Red Sea.

Today, we’ll explore what it’s like to do business in Saudi Arabia and explain what Business Translations is and how it can help you to do business within territories such as Saudi Arabia. 


Saudi Arabia and its business climate

Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East. This powerful country’s economy is based on oil and oil-related products. Because of globalization and the many changes that are taking place within the global economy, Saudi Arabia is aware that in the very near future the country cannot only be dependent on oil. 

Instead, more and more Saudi businesses are shifting their focus from being an oil-centered economy. They are now expanding to develop businesses within other industries and markets to gain stronger financial security.

As a response to this reality, the Saudi government has moved to invest  more in the following areas:


Transportation, Education, Health, Information and Communications Technology, Life Sciences and Energy. 

In Saudi Arabia, business is conducted in a very traditional manner. Many

Saudi Arabian businesses are familiar with western business culture and how it is usually conducted. It is however important to note that their tradition is never abandoned and as a result of this, many do not conform to how western business is done.

As someone seeking to do business in Saudi Arabia, allowing time for all parties involved to gain each other’s trust is very important. You should also know that when doing business in Saudi  Arabia, it is always a relaxed and content environment. For Saudi’s, informal communication and close interactions may take priority over being on time or even sticking to a schedule. You may even find that it’s highly likely that your first few meetings are mostly filled with personal conversations just so that there is a mutual understanding and to establish a trusting relationship before actually delving into the real matters at hand.

As a general custom for Saudi’s, having face to face interactions is preferred. For them, trust cannot be gained any other way. By now you realize that as mentioned before, trust is a very big part of Saudi business culture. If there’s no trust, there’s no business.  

Which leads us to our discussion on business translations and how Day Translations can help.


What is Business Translation?

The truth is that businesses have gone global and there’s no turning back from this. With this in mind, Business Translation is a necessary service that is required to make the process flow easily and effortlessly.

In Saudi Arabia, the official language is Arabic. This means that if you are an English speaker wanting to do business in Saudi Arabia, then translation and interpretation services are going to be required for a business to be successful. 

Business Translation helps in communicating both formal and informal content produced by businesses. Usually, the information that needs translation has to do with marketing and branding, but business translation now expands its borders to include translations for emails, memos, and even text messages.

Business Translation gives you and your business the power to expand your enterprise into new markets.  This means that language does not have to be a barrier in slowing up any business process, especially when Day Translations and DayInterpreting exists. 

Through our human powered translation services, we can assist you in all areas to be considered for business translation such as: culture, the legal system, common terminologies within various regions, confidentiality, and also metaphors. 


To conclude …

Maybe a few years ago the thought of doing business across international borders and even hemispheres seemed like a daunting task more than a business opportunity. Thanks to technology and translation companies such as ours, Day Translations, the only limit you may have in doing business is you.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also moving in a similar direction and responding to the demands that globalization has brought about. Their native language of Arabic is no longer a barrier in any communication or business relationship. 

Whether you need on-demand over the phone interpreting services for a business meeting or translation services for contracts, other legal documents, or even for informal types of communication, Day Translations and DayInterpreting are here to help 24/7, 365. 

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