Useful Hebrew Travel Phrases

Hebrew Conversation Words and Phrases

Travel Phrases


Where is the airport?

Where can I find a hotel?

I love you

Thank you very much

Do you want to go to a restaurant?

Where is the bathroom?

What’s your name? / My name is…

How much is this?

Can you help me please?

Goodbye / bye

Hello / Good morning / Good evening / Good night

You’re welcome!

I had a great time

Can I have a coffee please?

Can I help you?

No, thank you

Which is the nearest subway station?

At what time does it start?

I really like this / I don’t like this

How do you say it in Hebrew?


Eifo sde hate’ufa?

Eifo ani motze beit malon?

Ani ohev otha (masculin) / Ani ohev otah (feminine)

Toda raba

Ata rotze lalehet le mis’ada (masculin) – At rotza lalehet le mis’ada (feminin)

Eifo hasherutim

Ma ha shem shelah? (feminine) – Ma a shem shelha? (masculine)/ shmi hu…

Kama ze ole?

Sliha, ata iehol la’azor li (masculine) – Sliha at iehola la’azor li (feminine)

Shalom / LeHitra’ot (See you later)

Shalom / Boker Tov / Erev Tov / Laila Tov

Al-Lo-Davar or ein be’ad ma

Haya li mamash kef or Haya li mamash tov or neheneti me’od

Efshar cafe bebakasha?

Ani yahol la’azor leha? (when talking to a man) / Ani yahol la’azor lah? (when talking to a woman)

Lo, toda raba

Eifo tahanat ha rakevet hahi krova? / Eifo tahanat haotobus hahi krova? (looking for a bus)

Be eize sha’a ze mathil?

Ani mamash ohev et ze / Ani lo ohev et ze