What are Voice-Over Services?

Voice-over services are scripted production elements that are not part of the actual on screen or off screen narrative. Voice-over services are used in television, films, theatre, radio productions, documentaries, and presentations. They can be done by production talent, or by professional voice-over specialists. Day Translations is an industry leader in voice-over services, with clients from Hollywood to Bollywood. Our professional voice-over translations speak to the emotion of a scene, message, product, and service. We pair culture with translation to ensure perfection.

Voice Over Services

Voice-Over Services for the Entertainment Industry

Maximize worldwide appeal for your movie by selecting multi-language voice-over services from the best. Not only do we provide voice-overs in all languages, but we hand-pick the right talent for your role through selective, extensive voice casting.

No more losing the passion, purpose, context, or tone of your dialog in mediocre translation or clumsy casting. We understand that you need more than just a native speaker for your project, and we know that you want more than just an actor. Through extensive voice auditioning and the strictest submission standards, we play a pivotal role in your global success.

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Entertainment Voice Over Services

Voice-Over Services for Business

If you need voice-over services in any language for your corporate communications, you can count on us. We ensure that all recordings compliment your corporate culture.

Your message will be perfectly portrayed by our trained specialists, in terms of pitch, tone and rhythm. We carefully select the right native voice for your project and provide all finished audio files rigorously controlled for voice and recording quality, delivered in your preferred format, ready to insert right into your production.

  • Corporate videos
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Commercials
  • Telephone messaging

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Professional Voice over Services

Make Day Translations Your Voice-Over Provider

Your corporate, entertainment, or personal projects deserve to maximize their cultural crossover and international acceptance.

Because we appreciate the value of sharing and celebrating film and art across the globe, and are dedicated to improving global communications, no one takes your work more seriously than we do. Regardless of language or media file type, project scope or complexity, we can deliver the right voices and meet any deadline. And Each and every one of our voice-over projects is thoroughly checked to ensure vocal and technical quality.

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Make Day Translations Your Voice-Over Provider

24/7 Voice-Over Services

Day Translations is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 365 days a year.

We’re always available to handle your voice-over projects and if your need is urgent, can expedite your request to ensure that you meet any deadline. Whether you want to ensure market success for your commercial or documentary, or secure an international blockbuster overnight, we’re on hand day or night to make it happen.

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