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Magazine Translation in All Languages

Your printed magazine is a success. The online version is increasingly popular and readership is growing every day.

It’s time to roll out to an international audience. But how do you make sure that the same wit, sass, style and character that’s gotten your magazine so popular at home will be captured in your translations? Leave it to the experts. With a global network of over 20,000 qualified translators, we can translate your articles to and from any language in the world. And our 24/7 round-the-clock service means we can assist you at any hour, with any deadline.

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Translate Your Magazine Articles with Professionals

Maximizing global readership and fan base for your magazine takes more than translating it and hoping for the best.

It takes partnering with a qualified professional who specializes in your field and understands your industry’s technical terminology and style. In addition to providing highly trained native speakers, we will respect your submission guidelines, citation requirements and formatting needs. Every article we translate will be a mirror image of the original. We can even optimize your online articles for local search engines by selecting popular keywords.

  • Comprehensive Localization
  • Any Subject Matter
  • Following Complex Formatting Requirements
  • All Languages
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Localize Your Magazine Translations

If you’re looking to expand into global markets, your magazine translation will need to be localized to your target audience.

While many countries share the same language, cultural and linguistic nuances can vary by region, and failure to respect these regional differences can alienate your readers and leave your product lagging behind its competition.

Properly localizing your material is key to establish rich and longlasting relationships with your readership. We can help. We offer:

  • Professional Translators From Your Targeted Region
  • Extensive Knowledge of Local Language Nuances
  • Fast and rigorous services within strict deadlines
  • High-quality services for projects of any scale
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