When a Mistranslation Ends Up Advertising Power Sockets instead of Wardrobes

Sometimes, things just go extra wrong with translations which seem easy enough but are not being dealt with by professionals. Such is the case here, where a short, straight-forward phrase written on a banner ends up advertising “power sockets on hotel furniture” (which is what the translation of the Spanish phrase written on the banner actually means). As it happens, “outlet” can refer to both a store selling goods (in this particular case, selling hotel furniture) and a place into which to plug your electric devices.

The people in charge of translating this banner chose the wrong option of the two when translating “outlet” from English into Spanish, probably because they translated the phrase without being familiarized with the context in which the original appeared.

At Day Translations, our team of professional translators know the rules of the game: you never translate even one word without its proper context, because that is when this type of mistake takes place. At Day Translations we are experts at what we do and always double check to ensure every single term is correctly rendered in the target language, whatever that is.

As experts in translation, we know that the original English phrase should have been translated as follows:

“VENTA DE MUEBLES PARA HOTEL”, or, alternatively, “MUEBLES PARA HOTEL EN OFERTA”, in case the owner of the store or the person who has requested the translation wants to highlight the fact that the furniture that is being sold is cheaper than in regular furniture stores.

Do you have any other suggestions for the translation of this banner? Just write your version in the comments section. How is the word “outlet” translated as in your country?

Image credit: 9 Hilarious Spanish Mistranslations by TheHuffingtonPost.com, Inc., 2014.