What A Surprising Menu!

As we stated in a previous article, restaurant menus often feature strange mistranslations. Restaurants will frequently present menu items in more than one language if they are located in a tourist center, or are trying to attract culturally diverse patrons. Unfortunately, and also frequently, restaurant owners do not seek out the professional skills of accredited translators, resulting in mistakes that usually make menus difficult to understand for the intended audience.

For today’s mistranslation, whoever was in charge of translating the word “lomo” into English, was probably concurrently watching a NatGeo documentary on African wildlife, or was surfing travel websites for a South African trip, as “lion” was written instead of the accurate English-language translation “loin.” Unless, this is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in rare meats such as lion, and the owner is just too shy to let Spanish-speaking customers know?

This funny mistake emphasizes once again the importance of professional translators for individuals and companies seeking to convey any kind of message in a foreign language. If the owner of this dining venue had contacted Day Translations, then any of our Spanish-English translators could have suggested the following:

“lomo al pisco” as “loin in pisco,” or “lomo fino marinado en pisco …” as “fine marinated tenderloin in pisco …”

Have you ever found a mistranslation in a menu? Why don’t you share it with us? We’re looking forward to your comments in the section below.

Image credit: Spanish restaurant menu photo.