The Risks of Hiring an Unprofessional Translation Agency

Today we have a treat for you, ladies and gentlemen – a true mistranslation story submitted by one of our readers, Angelica. This time, the mistranslation involved a Russian agency hired to translate a resume from Russian into English. The resume belonged to one of Angelica’s friends, who didn’t realise that the job they charged her $150 for was a very poor one. But don’t take our word for it. Read the translated English resume yourself – Angelica was kind enough to provide an image together with her story.

A “touristic company” can be considered to be in the same travel and tourism field as “travel agent” so at least there’s that. However, the translation of “presenters” instead of “participants” is harder to understand. Just like Angelica, we are still wondering what a “work on camera and photographer” means. And this is only an extract of the resume! Imagine the face of the employers going through it while evaluating a potential candidate! Luckily, Angelica read the resume herself and warned her friend about the situation.

Clearly, the person in charge of the translation of the resume from Russian into English had a very basic knowledge of the English language. Either that, or it was translated by a machine. As in every good story, there is a good moral behind this one – you need a thinking brain and a lot of experience and training to translate texts into a different language. In Angelica’s own words:

“I had a computer teacher who was telling us every single class, ‘computer is stupid! Never forget it! It only will do what you tell it to do. Computers have no brain and they don’t think – people do.’ I will never ever forget these words. My friend’s resume clearly shows to me that it was translated with some computer program and then someone with school level English made some corrections… And she paid $150 for that”

Having the job done right at the first go will help you save money and time, as well as avoid several inconveniences which can arise from having a text translated by somebody lacking the skill and the knowledge to do so. If you need a reliable translation, contact one of Day Translations’ representatives. And if you have ever come across a mistranslation, follow Angelica’s steps and share it with us!