The Right Word Order Matters For Spanish-English Translations—Especially If You Are Thirsty!

Since we started our mistranslation campaign to highlight the pitfalls that can occur when unqualified people handle translations, we have focused on literal translations and contextual issues. Today’s mistranslation, from Spanish into English, highlights another important aspect of translation: word order.

Even though the English words are correct, adjectives such as “drinkable” typically precede nouns like “water” in the English language, whereas in Spanish, the adjective is placed after the noun, unless it is a poetic or literary context. So yes, as you have worked out by now, “water drinkable” should have been translated as “drinkable water.”

In addition to the importance of hiring trained language professionals, this Spanish-English mistranslation also shows why a well-established proofreading system is indispensable. Our expert team at Day Translations works collaboratively to ensure that grammatical mistakes such as this never cause unwelcome surprises. Our long-term clients return to us because they appreciate the peace of mind that we guarantee.

At Day Translations, every one of our translators has achieved mastery over their respective language pairs, and, as stated above, they do not work in isolation. A five-step proofreading process ensures that our translated documents are perfect and accurate, each and every time.

Please feel free to enter any mistranslation examples that you have found in the section below, and one of our linguistic experts will provide an accurate version!